Harry Winston, not long to Opus 12


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05 March 2012

For the last eleven years, Harry Winston has worked with a master watchmaker to create a ground-breaking watch, known as The Opus. 2011 saw the innovative Opus 11, built in cooperation with Denis Giguet. The series began in 2001 with François-Paul Journe, and from then on, each Opus model was made in limited numbers, soon to be bought by collectors.

Opus 11, in Giguet's concept, was based on "exploding the time." It has to be seen working to appreciate it (take a look at the video below). The hours are shown at the centre of the main dial, while the two small displays on one side show the minutes and the titanium balance wheel. A limited edition of 111 watches was made, each costing $230,000.
The new Opus will be revealed on 8 March 2011 at Baselworld.

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