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Every year is a chance to travel more. 

by LUXOS editorial 06 January 2019

Whether or not you have compiled your new years resolution list, you know the goals and ways you’d like to spend the 365 (358 to be exact) days ahead of you. For Arthur Mattejat it will be to combine his love for his wife with a passion for foreign cultures. For more than 20 years he has provided travellers with unrivalled holiday homes worldwide and we hope you will experience at least one of them in 2019.

 "The tourist sees what he wants to consume, the traveler sees what he consciously wants to experience," explains Mattejat in his spacious office at Domizile Reisen in Gauting near Munich. Together with his wife Helga Erber, the founder of Domizile Reisen, Mattejat brokers luxurious villas and vacation homes for holidaymakers as well as arranging tailor-made trips for the best weeks of the year.

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For these individually selected residences, which he as the managing director is completely familiar with, it's not about bigger, flashier and more luxurious. No, it's always about style and a design that reflects the character of the landscape. "A clear colour and design vocabulary as a defining style element is very important to me in our holiday homes," said the native of Trier, who began his career as an electrical engineer. But another profession, thanks to his relationship with his now wife Helga, became a vocation: arranging individual villas and holidays seems to fit Arthur Mattejat like a made-to-measure suit. Not only the desire to travel, but also his pronounced sense for style are the best credentials for satisfying people with high standards for their precious vacation days.

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Mattejat not only loves timeless design, but also harbours a love for Italian fashion. And from this love is his newest plan born: starting from autumn 2018 he organises bespoke trips to small family-run tailors and fashion houses in Naples. For there, the creation of fine textiles has long been a tradition and a luxury worth indulging.

Speaking of luxury, Arthur Mattejat seeks to support his many guests for whom, in this fast-paced world, time is the greatest luxury: "For me, luxury means the conscious enjoyment of my life; having time for my family; having deep, meaningful conversations over dinner; enjoying music and a good glass of wine.” His musical tastes range from Bach and Beethoven to Van Morrison. For wine, he has taken a shine to the king of white wines, Riesling. Nevertheless, he is also happy to enjoy a noble drop from Italy, France or Spain in particular with his homeowners, to whom he remains very close, exchanging news about the residence and surrounding area.

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From this the company thrives: gathering from locals and insiders recommendations and tips which a traveller would not otherwise know. In many of his destinations, Mattejat has become the insider himself. For example, on the Greek island of Paros to which he travels alone at least once a year so as to enjoy the excellent cuisine of his friend Giorgios, in the small restaurant called Levantis. If you ask the charming manager for other favourite destinations, he goes into raptures: the Aeolian Islands have conquered his heart, especially the small green island of Salina. One of the most beautiful love stories of modern cinema was filmed here in 1994, "The Postman". In his role, Massimo Troisi asks the poet Pablo Neruda for help to woo his lover. And when the poet reacts sceptically, the postman says: “Poetry doesn’t belong to those who write it, it belongs to those who need it.” Exactly the same is true for the manifold beautiful places Arthur Mattejat and his wife provide their guests: for that amount of time, they belong to the visitors who can enjoy a residence and its environs with all their senses.

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After all, travelling is not just going on vacation.


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