Oktoberfest in Munich. Oktoberfest in Munich. Photo by Roman Boed, courtesy of Flickr.

Unmissable European Fall Festivals

As the temperatures drop with the Autumn leaves, enjoy some serious celebration throughout Europe at these famous fall festivals.

by Marissa McCloy 09 September 2018

Les Festes de la Mercè - Barcelona, Spain

Soak up the energy in the streets of Barcelona during Les Festes de la Mercè, the city’s great street parade and biggest festival of the year. Enjoy music, parades, performances and fireworks throughout the Catalonian city. This year, the fiesta runs from September 21 through September 24.

barcelona fest

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.



Oktoberfest - Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest is a highlight of the fall for many, and is found in its greatest form in Munich, the place where the beer festival originated. Crowds will flock to the city from September 22 to October 7 this year for beer, entertainment and local specialities. Become part of an annual tradition while learning about Bavarian customs.

oktoberfest body

A carousel ride at the Munich Oktoberfest. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

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Amsterdam Dance Event - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Electronic Dance Music takes over Amsterdam for a weekend each fall during Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). The event is the largest of its breed in the world, and consistently features the world’s top DJs in its annual lineup of up to 800 artists. Dance the night (and days) away in Amsterdam from October 17 to October 21 this year.


Information stand for the Amsterdam Dance Event. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


Eurochocolate Festival - Perugia, Italy

Perugia’s Eurochocolate Festival is the ultimate cure for anyone craving sweets. The chocolate festival is held each October and features some of the most highly praised chocolate varieties from Italy and other countries. Though indulgence may seem like the highlight of this event, the festival offers displays, entertainment and workshops, in addition to tastings. The Eurochocolate Festival has been held since 1994, and will run from October 19 through October 28 this year.


The 2008 festival. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


Cheese and Wine Festival - Lviv, Ukraine

Completing the lineup of Europe’s best food festivals is Lviv’s Festival of Cheese and Wine, a Ukrainian gastronomic festival. The October festival offers not only the finest wines and cheeses, but also events, contests and live music. Head to Western Ukraine’s largest city from October 19 through October 21 to experience one of the country’s greatest traditions.

ukraine fest

Photo courtesy of Cheese and Wine Festival.


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