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by 11 May 2018

Positano Italy

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The whole city was built so that one could observe the sea and even the bus stop has a beautiful view of the coast and the colorful town. Positano is a postcard of Italy; this magnificent city is the most touristic of the Amalfi Coast, it is suspended in a cliff, between the sky and the sea. Visitors get lost in the narrow streets that rise and descend in a labyrinth of exciting and tempting shops. The walk up and down the stairs and alleys of the town has as a reward the chance to take gorgeous shots of the views that grace visitors contemplating the beauty of Positano.

Hallstatt, Austria

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Hallstatt is a fascinating town of cinematographic landscapes in Austria that has been on UNESCO's list of world heritage sites since 1997. The tiny village of Hallstatt is known for the salt mines in the region that have been explored since the days when the village was occupied by the Celts and other ancient people about 7000 years ago.The picturesque wooden houses on the banks of Lake Hallstatt are a heritage of the village's prosperity in Iron Age times, and the region also holds several archaeological finds that are part of Europe's prehistory. The town can be traversed from end to end in about 15 minutes, but the chances are that visitors will take longer than this enjoying the scenery along the way such as the architectural beauty of the alpine-style wooden houses on the edge of the lake bathing the town.


Florence, Italy

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Florence is the capital of Tuscany and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Florence is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the world capital of art. Florence was inhabited by important architects, painters, and sculptors, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Michelangelo, etc. These artists collaborated to enrich the local culture, making it the cradle of the Renaissance. Beautiful churches decorated by incredible frescoes and marble, 15th and 16th-century palaces, Renaissance art legacies and the beautiful way that light changes the city throughout the day see as seen by the reflection of the Arno River bathing the town, are just a few elements that make Florence one of the most photogenic destinations.



Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague is considered a city of fairy tales, some of the reasons that travelers describe it as such are due to the mystery of its streets, the bridges over the Vltava river, and the stunning allure of the Czech capital. Prague is cut by the Vltava River; on one side of the river is the Castle District, and also the Lower City, on the other side visitors find the Old City, the New Town and also the Jewish Quarter. The diversity and charm depicted in every corner of the alleys crossing the city will make visitors fall in love with the beauty of Prague.

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Sahara Desert, Morroco 

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Camel riding through the Sahara, the largest desert in the world; sleeping under thousands of stars - with the possibility of seeing many shooting stars and learning about the culture of the Berbers, people who inhabit the region of the Sahara desert even before the Arabs. These are just a few reasons that make visiting the Sahara desert an unforgettable experience, and one of the most fantastic and photogenic destinations for those who are seeking to capture the magnificent moments of their journey across the most famous desert in the world.

Cappadocia, Turkey

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Cappadocia is an enchanting destination. The region of Cappadocia is made up of a few towns and some small villages. It is situated in an exotic valley, with the predominance a mountainous area. Hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia are said to have begun to emerge in the 1980s but have gained a tourist significance for the region after the First Air Games in Cappadocia in 1997. Every day, as soon as the weather permits, hundreds of hot air balloons take flight on the Cappadocian sky. Its bright colors adorn the skies, riding a hot-air balloon is also a unique opportunity to see Cappadocia from above, its beautiful villages, volcanic valleys, fairy chimneys, etc.


Kyoto, Japan

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Kyoto is the old Japanese capital. Modernity is present in the city’s day-to-day. Kyoto maintains the beauty of Japanese tradition on its façade. The seasons are very defined, and this makes the city more beautiful according to the time of year. Kyoto has accumulated immense wealth that is reflected in the dozens of Buddhist temples at the foot of the mountainous slopes that surround the city. There are 17 historic monuments of Ancient Kyoto in the World Heritage Sites list. Despite this, there is much more to Kyoto than patrimony. Its charming narrow streets, the wooden walls of the typical houses, the Geishas that appear around the corner, are some representations of the beauty of the city that will yield beautiful photographic memories.





In the middle of the Indian Ocean, thousands of miles from the coast, a cluster of islands emerges from the sea like a constellation of stars. The region is called Melanesia - and in the middle of the archipelago, Fiji is located. This small archipelago of more than 300 islands originated from the volcanic activity of the region. With the rise of the peaks, coral reefs completed the work of nature. The moderate temperature throughout the majority of the year and the blue crystal waters bathing the islands compose the scenery, the awe-worthy beauty of Fiji surely guarantees stunning photographs.

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Milford Sound, NZ

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The trip to Milford Sound is a sight to behold. To get to Milford Sound, most travelers will pass through remarkable mountains, and the Lake Wakatipu, the longest in New Zealand. Milford Sound is the most accessible and visited fjord in the country. As it belongs to the large reserve Te Wahipounamu, it is recognized by Unesco as a world heritage site. The landscape is embellished by the magnificent waterfalls and immense mountains proving a spectacular view. Besides, the cruise to Milford Sound is frequently graced by the visit of dolphins and depending on the time of the year, even whales that can be spotted and captured by the lenses of the travelers sailing the New Zealand’s waters.

Big Sur, California


Big Sur is the most beautiful stretch of Highway 1, a highway that crosses the California coast, is about 140 km along Highway 1 considered one of the country's most scenic roads - it is filled with wonderful scenery, picturesque beaches, waterfalls and even hot springs. The road is also full of hidden treasures and beautiful places where one can stop to enjoy the incredible views, and small stairs leading to paradisiacal beaches.

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