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Let’s not forget that this is your holiday and although it’s so incredibly tempting to rush around the city, arousing all of your senses with everything there is to see, eat and do, you should also remember to take some time out for yourself and sit back, relax and enjoy. So, we’ve put together a few places here that you must visit in order to experience a true ritual here.

by Lavinia Pisani 21 May 2018

One of the city’s most reputable hammam (public baths) is Les Bains de Marrakech. Conveniently located next to the Saadian Tombs, first-timers don’t need to be intimidated by the openness of the bath and the requirement to remove clothing. Passed the coral-colored walls of the former Medina riad (Moroccan mansion), bathers will both experience the soak-and-sweat, with saunas and baths, as well as the more intimate setting, with private rooms for massages, body scrubs and wraps.

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Hammam de la Rose is a stylish option right in the heart of the medina. This sanctuary of peace and tranquillity offers a “four hand” massage in case your stress knots are too much for one masseur alone. The super professional staff at this private hammam also offers a range of beauty treatments from rose facials masks to clay cleansing.

Head to Baan Thai Institute Marrakech for a zen-like atmosphere, gentle lighting and outdoor Thai massage experience. Staff is skilled, professional and friendly. Space is clean and you will surely walk out of here feeling revitalized and reinvigorated after all that walking you’ve done on Marrakech’s raucous streets.

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For pre and post-treatment relaxation at the pool, Mamounia is a pure delight! The lavish and charming décor of this royal hotel makes it one of the most photographed structures. Indulge yourself with a spa day that also covers a succulent lunch, at either the French or Italian restaurant, and feel like a queen.

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After winding around a few of the maze of streets in the centre, you will eventually stumble on Heritage Spa. At this cozy and luxurious private spa, you will find tailor-made rituals that aim to return to nature and authenticity. Forget the authentically local hammam and bliss out in this private spa with a sea-salt exfoliation or detoxing black-soap.

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