ITALIANA. Italy Through the Lens of Fashion 1971-2001 Featured

Promoted by the Camera Nazionale della Moda, City of Milan and Palazzo Reale with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development and ICE Agenzia, giving thanks to YOOX-NET-A-PORTER GROUP and finally in collaboration with Pomellato and La Rosa Mannequins. ITALIANA - Italy Through the Lens of Fashion 1971-2001 is an exhibition to celebrate and tell the story of Italian fashion during the seminal period at Palazzo Reale. 

by 26 February 2018

Directed and curated by Frisa J with Maria Luisa Fuisa, the exhibition aims to rediscover an artisanal history that pioneered Italian fashion to what it is today, focusing on the Made in Italy style and concept of the Italian fashion system. The City of Milan has partnered with YOOX Net-A-Porter group, Pomellato, La Rosa, Marsilio and Camera Nazionale Della Moda to create an exquisite collective that encapsualtes the history of Italian Fashion. 

ITALIANA roomDemocrazia.PhF.deLuca

The partnership’s initial phase was held at the MAXXI museum in Rome; ‘Bellissima’. This showcased Italian Haute Couture through the ages prior to the 1970s. Milan brings it's audience the second part with it's starting point of the 1970s. During this period there was a rise of high fashion, where designer Walter Albini introduced androgynous dress into Italian fashion. Today this still plays a very important role in how women dress. 

ITALIANA roomDiorama.PhF.deLuca

As you pass the delightful rooms of the Palazzo Reale, you'll see each room is based on a different theme that occured during the 30 years. Starting with 'Identity', the movement leads onto 'Democracy', and the struggles that came with the feminist movement. Next you'll see the impact of 'Logos' in the industry and lastly what they refer to as ‘Bizarre’ - a section dedicated to how travel started to influence fashion in the 1980s.

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Experience the story that gave Italian’s their identity at Palazzo Reale between 22nd February - May 6th 2018. 

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