Unusual Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day Featured

You've got the love and we can feel it. We've gathered our favourite and unique experiences to do with your significant other this Valentine's Day.

by 01 February 2018

Cooking Class for Two

Whether you’re a chef in the kitchen or if you’re not the sharpest knife in the draw when it comes to baking this can be a great bonding experience for you and your significant other. Choose from spicy Asian cooking, prepping home made Italian pizza to sweet treats of chocolate making. You’ll be shown simple cooking techniques to elaborate intricate dishes to impress one another with.

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Luxury Cinemas

A trip to the cinema is always a pleasurable experience, but with the new generation of movie theatres, forget what you know so far. Luxury screening is taking the art of the moving image to a whole new and decadent level. Think banquettes and beds with in-chair waiters, cashmere blankets and foot rests. That’s what you get at the Everyman and Electric cinemas, with branches across London, from Portobello to Canary Wharf – you can even hire these out privately for a totally tailor-made experience. Curzon Mayfair is the only destination to have two Royal Boxes seating four people each.

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The Royal Theatre experience

The Royal Opera House – the magnificent Covent Garden theatre under the Queen’s patronage – provides the gold standard example. A private corridor on the first floor leads to a red velvet furnished room which can entertain up to six guests. The elegant Royal Retirement Room is a regally styled space where guests can enjoy a private dinner at a time of their choosing before, during or after the show – or even served as a course between each act. 

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Spa Relaxation

In the occasion of St Valentine, from February 13th-15th why not take a moment away from routine and everyday life with your loved one for an exclusive intimate and elegant relaxing break at Armani/SPA? Each couple will be treated to 80 minutes of complete relaxation, accompanied by a flute of champagne for a true romantic experience. If you book this offer each entry is entitled to full use of the hotel's relaxation centre at Armani/SPA for the whole of February.


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Escape Rooms

They say you really get to know someone when in difficult situations so what better way to do that than be trapped together? Embark on Virgin’s Trapp’d Escape room and prepare to get your adrenaline and brain power going to find your way out. Each couple is given one to solve puzzles and challenges from your chosen room, whether you want to be surrounded by aliens, be trapped in a motel or down a mineshaft the 60 minutes will be a testament to how strong your love is.

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