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The World's Healthiest Destinations Featured

Want to live a long, healthy life? Why not consider vacationing at one of these health conscious destinations, where life expectancy is high and good food is in abundance?

by 03 January 2018


Israelis stay in shape thanks to their Mediterranean-style diet and 350 days of sunshine. Israeli cuisine is high in protein and fibre, consisting of hummus, sesame sauce (tahini), falafel, juicy fruits and a plethora of wonderful vegetables along with nuts, legumes and olive oil. 

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A diet rich in olive oil, fresh produce and a glass of red wine a day keeps Italians young. Not only that but they take the time to walk after their dinner and don't snack in between meals.. except for that espresso.

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Home to the legendary Greek salads, olives and rich tomatoes... The Greek diet can be rich if you're consuming too much tzatziki, hwever living an active lifestyle combined with a diet full of fresh fish, protein-filled meats and an abundance of colourful fruit and vegetables, the Greeks are expected to have a long life expectancy.

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The Japanese eat a very clean and fresh diet with controlled portions. Consisting of fresh fish with very little dairy, butter or meat, Japanese cuisine might just be the fountain of youth formula, complemented by detoxifying green teas and healthy vegetables.

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Although this country is notorious for cheese and chocolate, Swiss people have an innate ability to stay in shape. From skiing the slopes of St Moritz to hiking in the mountains, an active lifestyle doesn't go unnoticed.

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Given that French people love hearty meals they still understand the importance of well proportioned sizes. This, along with staying active by walking a lot and drinking red wine moderately keeps the French heart - and kiss- healthy.

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Often crowned as having the world's healthiest diet, this Nordic country consumes a lot of lean meat, fresh fish and soups full of herbs and some of the cleanest water in the world.

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