Resolutions for the Modern Traveller Featured

You get on the plane and ask yourself ‘Why didn’t I do that...?’ It seems like the modern traveller’s eternal conflict, an internal discourse that happens pre-flight, en route and on arrival. LUXOS offers some valuable travel resolutions for 2018; try one or adopt them all.

by Eleonora Betesh 04 December 2017

Travel Lighter

There really is no justification for carrying a backpack and handbag nowadays. Less is more, not just for long haul flights, but short haul too. A lighter trolley is easier in transit, and if you pack smart, you may not even need to check in any luggage at all. Two great trolleys are Samsonsite’s Cosmolite Spinner, and Piquadro’s sleek ‘Connequ’ four-wheel trolley that features an additional zipper so you can expand it when needed.


Travel Hands-Free

Ever wonder what it would be like to book a long haul flight and fly without luggage? It’s not a service exclusive to the lucky few. In fact, more and more agencies are seeing the potential for frequent travellers, and you’ll find quite a few options covering different price ranges. LuggageForward lets you ship a bag from Milan to Paris for 119 Euros. LuggageFree offers travellers the opportunity to ship at 20kg bag for 215 Euros with next-day business delivery. Or, you can send a 15kg bag to the U.S. for 110 Euros with

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Book Natural Destinations

Take one quarterly trip to a nature-oriented destination. It doesn’t have to be a far-off destination to an exotic island – even though we’re certainly pro adventure – but even a long weekend away to reconnect with nature across the seasons does a world of good for body, mind, and soul. There are plenty of eco-chic hideouts and hotels nestled across valleys, set on mountaintops and lakeside retreats.

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Speaking of retreats, meditation is one definitive practice that every modern traveller should be well acquainted with. You do not have to be a frequent flier to know that challenges can pop up every now and then, and whether you are on the road or at home base, the practice helps to bring perspective to any uncomfortable experience. Practice sitting in silence, even for two minutes at the start, preferably just as soon as you wake up at the start of your day. You can start practicing by joining group sessions in your city or book a retreat, which is a great excuse to get away too.


Know More

Don’t just go for good food and entertainment. Dedicate some time and get to know the destination you are bound for. The notion of one global community that is closely connected really took over the world, but there is a unique story respective to each city in the world that runs in parallel, so don’t overlook the importance of history. Engaging with locals is more than just a social experience, and digging a bit deeper will also help you to make new friends.

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Learn to Speak One New Language

A true internationalist makes it a point to address locals with classic salutations, even without knowing how to speak the local language or dialect fluently. Expand your horizons with the help of some smart apps that you can download and follow in transit or in your destination city. We recommend trying Memrise, Babbel, and Rosetta Stone.

headphones learningnewlanguage

Bite Size Packages

You can save a lot of space and weight with travel-size hair and skin care sets. The full-sized products can stay at home, and you can top up with a wide range of products for men and women, with everything from fragrances to grooming sets, electricals and beauty products. You can even send them straight to the hotel in your destination city.

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It takes two

Most airlines today tend to share the carbon footprint based on your destination. Once you’ve arrived, don’t shy away from renting a bike or slipping on some comfortable shoes and take to the streets. From New York to St. Petersburg, many cities have set up bike sharing services with stations across the city. It’s a great way to see more, do more and stay fit on the road. Keep the taxis for bad weather transfers and late night soirees.


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Conquer in Comfort

If you’ve set your sights on walking across the city districts and seeing everything from the ground up from dawn to dusk, the first rule on the road is to respect your feet and leave the flat shoes, flip flops and heels behind. Some of the recommended classics and revolutionaries include New Balance’s 520 model available in a variety of colours and fashion-friendly accents, and Nike’s Free RN 2 lightweight running shoe that feels like walking on a cloud. Alberto Guardiani’s One Soul model features a no-lace Italian aesthetic and an easy, slip-on style that works with every outfit, from sporty to smart, and Adidas launched the world’s first biodegradable walking shoe that’s worth a fitting. You can also have a custom designed model of your choice, made to fit your foot like a glove. How’s that for happy feet?


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