Travel Destinations for the New Year Featured


If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Much like how we make New Year's resolutions to stay fit or quit eating chocolate, why not make some travel choices and tick a few more boxes off your bucket list. 

by 01 December 2017

For The City Traveller - Copenhagen

While being charming and modern at the same time, Copenhagen offers colour cobbled streets, and tiny cafes that make you forget about it’s grey skies. If you’re a regular city escapist, this is one city that hasn’t been ticked of the lists of many. Home to friendly people, innovative design and hearty foods this Danish city is sure a nordic fairytale break.




For The Lazy Traveller - Tahiti
Granted, we said lazy traveller. Dependant on where you are in the world, Tahiti is very remote. However once you arrive on this divine Polynesian island you’ll be able to do a little or as much as you please. With alluring waters to snorkel in and soft sand beaches to relax on; Polynesian culture captivates colour and tranquility in it’s true essence. Treat yourself to a pamper session and witness local life with a night of Polynesian song and dance.

bora bora tahiti 1

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For The Adventurer - The Western Cape
Flourishing in vineyards and an arising art scene, the Western Cape will keep quite the explorer busy. From bird watching and taking a wildlife excursion when you’re at the tip of the Earth the vast skies are quite something for the eye. Explore the mountains and picturesque beaches... all with a glass of wine in hand.

western cape 1

For The Spender - Sydney
A melting pot of culture and diversity, Sydney is Australia’s most vibrant hotspot, ideal for the traveller who likes to do it all in one holiday. This is the place where you can head to the beach, indulge in a plethora of cuisines, spend, visit museums and experience an outdoor culture all in the same day. Boasting scenic views, mouth watering brunches and cosmopolitan inhabitants, Sydney feels like a drop of Europe in the southern hemisphere.

sydney opera bar

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The Foodie - San Sebastian
Humbly, home to the most Michelin-star restaurants per capita in the world, San Sebastian’s culinary excellence has put this destination on the map in recent years. With a prime location on the coast, the Spanish city is renowned for it’s delicious seafood dishes located in both classic restaurants and contemporary gastro bars. Furthermore, you can take home quality produce from their fresh food markets.

san sebastian 2

The Frequent Traveller - Staycation
And, if you’re always on the move whether for business or pleasure, why not take a staycation in the new year?

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