Experience: Cable Car At Sunrise

Gaze over a beautiful Austrian sunrise from a cable car that will take you over the Austrian slopes to Germany's highest peak, a truly once in a lifetime experience.

by Susanne Wess 20 November 2017

Zugspitze - cable car sunrise
It’s still dark when the fully glazed cable car cabin glides upwards, over the Austrian slopes of Germany's highest peak. From the mountain station, the nearest mountain ranges can be seen only in dark profile. Slowly the sky turns orange and the sun colours the rock faces with golden morning light, while the early-rising visitors enjoy a sumptuous breakfast buffet in the panoramic restaurant. If you prefer to sleep for longer, choose the fondue evening with traditional live music at sunset.

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Cable Car @ Sunrise

6632 Ehrwald, Austria

+43 (0)567 32 30 90