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Malta is perhaps not as widely known as other island destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. Nonetheless, the sun and sea of the Malta are gorgeously inviting. Words simply cannot do Malta justice, as 300 sunny days in a year and some of the clearest blue waters in Europe are something you have to see for yourself.

by 31 October 2017




Although heavily influenced by the crusades, the religious history of Malta didn’t just start with Christianity. Ġgantija is a standing proof. Constructed at least 5000 years ago on the Island of Gozo, Ġgantija is one of the oldest artificial places of religious worship that are preserved till today.



Saint John's Co-Cathedral

Built under the Order of Saint John by the Knights Hospitaller in the 1500s, Saint John's Co-Cathedral is a masterpiece of Baroque art and architecture. Today, the Church hosts a museum whose collections were donated by the Grand Masters and Knights and still remains as an important place of worship for Christians.



The Blue Lagoon

Located between the Islands of Malta and Gozo, the Island of Comino is home to the Blue Lagoon, one of the clearest blue waters in Europe. For swimmers and snorkelers, it seems as if they have just found heaven, as they are free to swim and snorkel in the amazing blue water, or camp on the virtually uninhabited island.




As one of the oldest establishments in Valletta, Rubino’s proudly changes its menu every day to provide a dynamic and vibrant culinary environment. One thing that does not change about Rubino’s is that it always serves the Maltese delicacy – rabbit meat.


Surf N Turf

It would be a shame to leave Malta not having tried the freshness of seafood. If you do decide to do so, this nice restaurant in Qawra will be an amazing choice. Serving only the freshest ingredient, Surf N Turf will make your taste buds dance with their impeccable services and exceptional culinary expertise.



Soap café

Walking into the mixed aroma of a very clean world, you will be sure to appreciate the idea of the shop. Selling handmade soaps, oils, lotions, gift baskets, bath bombs and many other hygiene products, Soap café has something for everybody. People of different skin types and ages can all find cruelty-free products to bring home with.


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