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Opa! The Best Hellenic Island Hopping Featured

LUXOS recommends where to summer on the hellenic seaways.

by 03 August 2017

With hospitality second to none and jaw dropping coastlines, Greece is favoured year after year as a popular travel destination from inhabitants all over the world. Aside from it’s cultured mainland and delicious gyro menu, the mediterannean country has more than 6,000 islands to visit that are home to some of the best beaches, seafood and nightlife. Here are LUXOS’ favourites to visit this summer.



crete 1896142 1920Crete

Greece’s biggest island, Crete is one of their most sought-after summer destinations. The Aegean Island has a kiss of Venetian architecture and vintage vineyards, glistening waters and mouthwatering cuisine. With it’s ideal southern location Crete’s summer season lasts longer, so you can visit through until October. Known for it’s food, Crete revels in authentic Greek cooking from fresh meats to sweet fruits to crisp local wines and raki. Stop off in the island’s captial, Heraklion before heading beach bound for a snorkel.

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Oia Santorini HDR sunsetSantorini

Greece’s synonymous images more often than not, capture the essence of the Cyclades. From the lively hub of Mykonos to the romance of the white washed cliff tops of Santorini, the Cyclades are a melting pot of Greek culture. Enjoy fresh seafood, dance until sunrise or laze around at sea; this group of islands are truly worth sailing between. Begin your trip in either Mykonos or Santorini, both home to airports with frequent flights from all major airports including Athens.

Santorini; famous for it’s photogenic views, although accessible by plane is best appreciated if you’re arriving by boat, you’ll be staring in awe at it’s volcanic cliffs against the sparkling open blue sea. Soak in the beauty of mother nature, enjoy cold white wine in Oia and marvel in the island’s sophistication. If you want to experience the vibrancy of Greece by night, head to Mykonos. Home to a number of boutique hotels the island boasts nightlife where you’ll be dancing until sunrise amongst the tiny villages and windmills. For a moment of relaxation sail over to Paros and Naxos. Home to sleepy villages featuring iconic white sugar houses, domed churches and golden sands, not forgetting some of the best seafood in the Aegean.


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Ionian Islands

sea bay 1546682 1920Lefkada

With deep cool waters, an abundance of olive trees and leafy mountains the Ionian islands are a vegetated contrast to the hellenic seas. Due to it’s temperate climate this cluster of islands makes for an ideal location almost any time of year. For beach lovers, Kefallonia and Lefkada are among the most Instagram-worthy with captivating coves, sunkissed bays and pine tree lined penisulas. A stones throw away is idyllic Corfu, with bright blue waters, it’s town and Venetian architecture welcomes travellers to it's anticent roots and pristine beaches.

sea 418742 1920Corfu

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