Europe's Most Charming Book Shops Featured

Get your head out of the books and into these inviting book shops with these LUXOS recommendations. 

by 14 August 2017

You could argue that bookshops are the same wherever you go. They all have that same charming old book smell, one quirky staff member passionate about literature and an array of visually engaging covers stacked for your pleasure. However, only some of them manage to carry that distinct old bookstore charm that leave you thinking about them days after you left. We have chosen the most inviting bookshops in Europe for you to visit now. 

 Livraria Lello & Irmão, Porto


Looking more like a set for a Harry Potter scene, than a modern day book shop, this visually arresting book shop transports you to a different era and even universe. Its chestnut wood paneling and staircase dates all the way back to 1869. Located in Porto, this shop is one of the oldest book stores in Portugal.

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Shakespeare & Co, Paris 

inside shakespeare and co

Just steps away from the Seine river, this quaint looking bookstore is a tourist hot spot. Stacked from wall to wall with the most trending and historic book titles, you are guaranteed to find something up your reading alley. Shakespeare & Company was known to be where some of the greatest writers would come to shop and soak up inspiration for their next great novel. 

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Libreria Acqua Alta, Venice

 venice 2

Following nothing but a hand painted sign that reads, "Follow the Book Steps Climb," you have to trust us in believing that this adorable book shop is worth the visit. New and used books completely fill the space and can be found on shelves and even gondolas all over the store. The stray cat and crowded atmosphere that would be questionable anywhere else, makes this underground book shop even more bewitching. 

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 Atlantis Books, Santorini 


Prior to 2002, there was no book shop on the idyllic island of Santorini. Two men had the vision to open a quaint bookstore and Atlantis Books was born. Tucked away in the island's signature all white buildings, you can find this shop filled with a curated assortment of the best books of all time. 

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House of Books, St.Petersburg

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With over three floors of books to flip through, there is something for everyone at St.Petersberg, House of Books. Sit in the café and spend hours cozying up with a book or admire the historic architecture of the mesmerizing building. There is also a charming gift shop to commemorate your time at the iconic Russian bookstore. 

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