The Most Beautiful Mountains in the World Featured

Who says mountains are only for climbing? These 5 stunning natural wonders can be enjoyed just as much from below as they are above.

by 13 August 2017

 If you do decide to climb one of these colossal mountains, beware they are not an easy feat. From way down below, you can enjoy what these mountains have to offer and enjoy them just as much as if you had climbed them. Either it being a short ride up via cable car, a helicopter ride around to see it from any angle, these are not to be missed. You can even take part in some lavish skiing on the Swiss Alps or Italian Dolomites. 

 Mount Fuji, Japan 


This mountain is actually an active volcano that has been a subject of many works of Japanese art and landscapes of Japan. The volcano is located just outside of Tokyo. If you're lucky, you can spot the towering volcano from the city on a clear day. However, you might want to stay close to the ground when enjoying this mountain. Those who have climbed it can vouch that getting up there is a gruseome trek, and once you have reached near the top, it's a clowdy view of the bottom. 

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Dolomites, Italy 



Indulge in a lavish ski resort vacation, or simply pause to absorb the breath taking views. This jagged and full of depth view is perfect to visit in the winter and summer. During the summer, take a hike or engage in some winter sports. No matter what you are doing at the Dolomites, the air is definitely fresher. 

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Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


The highest mountain in Africa is postcard picture perfect, with its combined greenery and animal life below. 75, 000 brave people climb this mountain every year, and test their endurance and self perseverance. Located in North Tanzania, there are a ton of animal parks nearby. 

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Matterhorn, Swiss/Italian Alps 


This symmetrical monument is a sight for sore eyes. Known for its four faces, this mountain has four distinct sides, depending on where you are looking at it from. Close to the mountain, you can partake in a helicopter sight seeing flight, check out the Matterhorn museum or enjoy the sunrise on an idyllic bike ride. 

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Mt. Everest, China 


The most famous of the bunch, with reason is the highest mountain on earth. The hike up Mount Everest is a common adventure for professional mountaineers, however there are also 200 corpses that serve as memorials of those who could not make it through the treacherous hike. But if you prefer to experience Mount Everest from below, you can explore the nearby villages and enjoy the view from way down below. 


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