From Breakfast to Brunch: Vienna's Best Restaurants Featured

Brunch is no longer a trend, it's part of a lifestyle.

by 11 August 2017

There is no better way to maintain your energy and enjoy your travels by indulging in a delectable brunch. Visit these restaurants as you pass through Vienna to start your morning off on the right foot.


Ulrich Café


Named after the St. Ulrichsplatz and St. Ulrich Church, the Ulrich Café is charming in nature and pleasurable to the senses. Known for extravagant breakfasts, this café is essential to your itinerary if you are passionate about cuisine and like to start each day with a hearty meal. Pancakes sprinkled with fresh fruit and powdered sugar, breakfast sandwiches with grilled gouda and crispy bacon, and omelets packed with herbs and vegetables are among the endless options at this quaint eatery. If you’re stopping by later in the day, or perhaps in the evening, reserve a table in the romantic outdoor seating area.

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The Room


The Room is the epitome of trendiness in Vienna. With a combination of Viennese dishes and international flavours, this is the perfect spot for breakfast or lunch, both of which are served until 4 p.m. Or, on the weekends, stop by for a delectable brunch topped off with a glass of prosecco. On any given day, you will find sophisticated young professionals alongside a hipster crowd all fighting for a spot in The Room. It is a must see in Vienna if you want a taste of youth culture and quality cuisine.

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Though Figar is a great place for a gin and tonic or a delicious dinner, it is often regarded as one of the best breakfast spots in Vienna. Its chic interior with brick walls and abstract artwork paired with dishes of buttery croissants, eggs benedict, and breakfast burgers, made with perfectly ripened avocados and juicy sausage, make it a popular destination. One of the best parts of the Figar experience is that breakfast is served until the late afternoon. If you find yourself craving a stack of fluffy pancakes or freshly squeezed orange juice past the morning hours, you’re in luck because Figar has your back.

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