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Founder of LUXOS and Tinklabs Global Head of Advertising, James Hill, demonstrates why handy is the future of Luxury travel at this year's Global Blue Digital Marketing Forum Network.

by 14 July 2017

Singapore - LUXOS founder and Tinklabs Global Head of Advertising, James Hill, was invited to speak about handy to Singapore's leading retail brands and shopping malls at the Global Blue Digital Marketing Forum. With honest and candid testaments given from hotel managers, visitors got to see how the device works in the actual hands of hotel guests, and gain a true sense of how easy it makes travelling. Allowing industry insiders to test out the phone in the palm of their hands, they were able to see how second nature the device comes to all.

Screen Shot 2017 07 14 at 10.38.28James Hill, LUXOS founder and Tinklabs Global Head of Advertising 

Hill explained how handy also makes for the best accessory. Forget laminated maps, and swap them in for a sleek device that fits in your pocket. You never have to worry about sticking out like a sore thumb in a cosmopolitan city with your map in the air with handy. Long gone are the days of disappointing dining and tourist trap restaurants, with the LUXOS guides built into the phone, you can make sure all of your destinations are refined choices you won’t regret.

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He also made it clear how quickly handy devices have been multiplying in hotel rooms across the world. Handy is now in over 185,000 hotel rooms worldwide, and is only expanding from here. The device is booming in Singapore and has 32,000 rooms with 500.000 monthly users.

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The presentation also introduced handy’s new ability to engage with retail brands, so users can be informed when their favourite stores or restaurants are nearby and can engage wth exclusive and timely deals.

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He explained all of the free perks the handy device delivers from its unlimited local and international calls, free internet access, LUXOS City Guides, Pre loaded apps and capacity to translate multiple languages. James also showed the power of push messaging by sending a thank you message to all the guests as they played with handy device. The personalised phone’s ability to work just like your smartphone combined with being free of hidden fees, makes it impossible not to learn more about it.

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Learn why handy is the travel companion for you, here.

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