The Heart of Luxury: Vienna

Vienna will surely steal a piece of your heart as you walk its elegant side streets and stop in an endless array of shops.

by 22 July 2017

It is easy to fall into "tourist traps" when traveling. To avoid getting caught in the masses, allow LUXOS to guide you off the beaten track and into one of the classiest travel experiences you can imagine.



albertinaFlickr/Filippo Diotalevi

For anyone with an artistic eye, a visit to the Albertina, one of the most extensive art museums in Vienna, is a treat. With an enormous collection of art prints, drawings, photographs, and more, this plethora of history and culture is a sure way to spend an entire day without getting even the slightest bit bored. Apart from beautiful works of art, the museum is also home to the largest print room in the world. Get lost in the extraordinary talent of artistic masterminds like Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and Claude Monet, or visit the state rooms filled with decor from the era of Louis XVI.

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Those at Porzellan focus on giving guests the best experience possible, because as they say, “pleasure invigorates the senses.” Here, you will find an oasis of relaxation in the face of the hustle and bustle of the city. Simple, white furniture and bright yet soothing lighting will bring a sense of serenity in the midst of your travels. Porzellan serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between, so your options are truly limitless. Try a matcha esperesso in the morning, sip on a glass of Austrian wine as you unwind during the afternoon, or arrive later in the night and indulge in a fruity cocktail. No matter what time of day you come to Porzellan or what you order, the experience is sure to be an elegant one.

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Gadner Exclusive Jewelry


For the finest jewels and an eccentric taste, visit Gadner Exclusive Jewelry to add some timeless pieces to your collection. This jeweler is known for its dazzling gems in eye-catching colors along with a strong attention to detail. Whether you purchase dainty earrings in your birthstone or a gold broach, you are sure to make a statement because nowhere else will you find such quality and exquisite design. 

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