Embrace the Tradition of Vienna Featured

Known for its charm and hometown feel, Vienna is sure to impress.

by 23 July 2017

Often times, we travel to get away from the ordinary and to experience the brand new. In Vienna, submerge yourself in an unfamiliar culture by exploring the places that define the capital of Austria.


The Spanish Riding School

spanish riding school

For over 450 years, the Spanish Riding School in Vienna has taught traditional equestrian riding for Lipizzan horses. The School is the only place in the world that has managed to preserve equestrian skills and style in their original state. At the turn of the twentieth century, performances were opened to the general public, rather than remaining reserved for the elite, and have been a favourite ever since. Take a guided tour of the Spanish Riding School or attend a gala performance, where you can witness first hand the beauty of the horses, expertise of the riders, and an amazing atmosphere amplified by dramatic music and mesmerizing lighting effects.

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Dine at the Griechenbeisl for a historic (and delicious) experience. As one of the oldest inns in all of Vienna, the Griechenbeisl intertwines the old and new by providing a peek into its past with a modern twist on the menu. Traditional Viennese cuisine is served in rooms adorned with autographs of well-known guests; from musicians like Beethoven to authors like Mark Twain, many famous faces were once spotted in this historic inn. You can sip on a cocktail outside under the shade of an umbrella, or enjoy a hearty meal as live music plays in the background.

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When in Vienna, you can get the freshest produce and most sought-after delicacies all in one place: Naschmarkt. With over 120 market stands, Naschmarkt serves as a food market, meeting place, and a hotspot for some of the greatest restaurants in the city. On Saturdays, the lively area becomes even more vibrant when the weekly flea market is held and thousands of visitors and regulars alike flood through as the day passes. Hipster 20-somethings along with an older crowd can all be found spending time at Naschmarkt, simply because it has something for everyone and incorporates the best Vienna has to offer, all in one spot.

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