Less than 100 mL: Liquids to Pack in Your Carry-on Featured

If you need to pack for a quick weekend trip or just don't want to lug a giant checked bag around but are unsure of what liquids to bring in your carry-on, then this guide is for you.

by 14 July 2017

Liquids Bag

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The first step to packing a carry-on liquids bag is to purchase one. Find a clear bag online or at your favourite travel store, and make sure that it is carry-on approved. Once you have your bag, then look for some empty travel containers. Sometimes you can purchase the bag and the empty travel bottles together. Just be careful, travel sets often come in a bag that is smaller than the airport size limit, and you want to maximise your space usage.

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Travel Set

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LUXOS recommends a transparent travel set that includes pump bottles, jars, and lotion containers. Once you acquire your travel set, fill and label each container -- you do not want to mix up your shampoo and conditioner. Fill your travel containers with shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, moisturiser, soap, foundation and makeup remover. If you want to reserve space for other items, opt to pack makeup remover pads and a bar of soap, which are not liquid items.

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Travel-sized Essentials

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In addition to the essentials mentioned above, find a travel-sized sunblock, toothpaste, lotion and mouthwash to add to your bag. If you want, you can also fill your travel containers with any of these liquids or purchase a travel-sized shampoo and conditioner. The choice is yours.

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On-the-go Beauty Products

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For liquid beauty products, bring only the essentials. Pack your foundation, mascara, lip gloss and liquid concealer. Lip gloss is perfect for a quick touch-up if you are on the go, and is a lighter alternative to lipstick. If you want to add something a little extra  you could pack a bottle of nail polish, to touch up on any chips.

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The last item to add to your liquid carry-on bag is an Atomizer Spray bottle, which is perfect for storing your favourite perfume or body spray. The spray bottle has a visible glass phial inside that shows you how much perfume you have left and is great if you want to freshen up after a long day of travelling.

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