24 Hours in Lisbon Featured

Walk down the pastel covered streets to eat, shop and absorb all of Lisbon's rich contemporary culture. 

by 13 July 2017

To get your trip started on the right foot, we recommend starting in Belém. You are bound to have a great day if you start by tasting a fresh custard tart for breakfast from the historic, Pasteis de Belem café located near the beautiful Botanical Gardens, Jeronimos Monastery and Berardo Collection Museum.


pasteis 2 


Beat the line with an early start at the Pasteis de Belem café. You haven’t had a custard tart until you have tried them from here, still hot and fresh out of the oven- this almost two century old institution has been using the same baking methods since its inception. Sip on an espresso with your pastry in the shop adorned in the classic blue and white Portuguese tiles.

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berardo 2

Walk a couple steps to the right out of the café and you will see the gorgeous, gothic styled monastery towering over the lush, Praça do Imperio gardens. A couple of steps over is the contemporary, Berardo Collection Museum. Spend an hour in this modern space filled with fascinating art from the 20th century. Belém has a stunning juxtaposition between new and old, and even better pastries, encompassing what the Lisbon experience is all about.

Bairro Alto

pharmacia 2

For lunch, we recommend heading over to Bairro Alto, located in the centre of Lisbon. Grab a bite to eat at the quirky Pharmacia eatery. This restaurant is yes, themed like a pharmacy, but we promise the only thing you’ll be complaining about here is how full you are. This stylish little café has quirky wallpaper and mid century cabinets that give it a Wes Anderson movie feel. After indulging in fresh ceviche at Pharmacia, head on over to the shops in the centre of the city. Pick up a pair of handmade leather gloves from Luvaria Ulisses, a tiny art deco styled shop with walls covered in array of multi-coloured gloves.

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Principe Real

embaixada 2

After some much needed retail therapy in Bairro Alto, make your way over to the Principe Real square and head over to the historical Embaixada mall. Unlike your ordinary mall, this one is curated with concept stores and local designers to bring you the best fashion, gastronomy and culture. With Principe Real perched on top of the city, you can look over at a breath taking view of peach coloured roofs during the magic hour.

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A Cevicheria Interior 2

Dinner can be spent nearby at Cevicheria, a gourmet seafood restaurant with a stunning all white interior. An amazing octopus sculpture hangs from the ceiling, and sets the tone for the artfully crafted meal you will eat at this hip spot. After, you can grab drinks from Cinco Lounge, a New York style bar with over 100 drink options. Sip on a cocktail until the AM, and then call it a night in the pastel coloured heaven of Lisbon.

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