5 Unique Ways to Explore Singapore Featured

Across it's glistening skyline, Singapore is known for its vibrancy and zealous lifestyle where there is an abundance of fun and exhilarating experiences. From luxury watersports to nigh safari's, here are LUXOS' recommendations on how to explore this Asian metropolis.

by 13 July 2017

Kayak Tour

kayak wikimedia

Find your inner peace with a beautiful and blissful kayak ride along some of Singapore’s most aesthetic natural sites. Asian detours offers a peaceful and rejuvenating 5 hour morning kayak ride along the mangrove lined Ubin. Kayakasia also offers different unique, once in a lifetime excursions throughout different rivers and seas. Explore the nooks and crannies of the islands, inlets, cliffs and swamps like never before while you become one with nature.

Dinner on a River Cruise

food on river cruise 1

Embark on an evening adventure with a first-class dinner on a scenic ride down the Singapore River. Savor a 4-course meal and take in the glorious riverside scenery and some of the most photogenic views of the city. Furthermore, you can also sip on some post dinner beverages from the floating bar with the Singapore city skyline in the background. If traveling with a large group or celebrating a special anniversary, commemorate the occasion by chartering the boat and designing your own evening and tour.

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singapore night safari 5

Africa isn’t the only place for safaris; Wild Life Reserves in Singapore offers multiple excursions through Singapore’s rainforests. Observe wildlife and many threatened species up close with one of Singapore’s most popular attractions. Known for their Night Safari, the Wild Life Reserves in Singapore founded the first nocturnal zoo. Explore the seven different geographical zones by foot, tram or river cruise.

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Singapore Botanic Gardens

singapore botanical gardens flickr

Only a few patches of Singapore’s primary rainforests exist and the Singapore Botanical Gardens sits right in the center of one. Since the garden’s establishment in 1859, the government ensured the preservation of the rain forest. Study some native creatures and ecological environments. These breathtakingly stunning gardens will leave you in awe with lifelong memories. Check out the national parks site to read about the plethora of activities and tours available for your enjoyment in the gardens.

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Best Mountain Biking in Southeast Asia 

pulau Ubin Flickr

Pulau Ubin draws people from all over the world with its historical and unique reputation of “bicycle island.” Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city with a 5-minute ferry ride to this island. Rent a bike or bring your own and ride around the Ketam Mountain Bike Park while appreciating the beautiful scenery. Other activities on the island include exploring the wetlands and wildlife, fishing, camping and hiking.

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