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A pocket of Indian culture, crafts, and cuisine exists in Singapore’s popular Little India district. Whether you’re just passing through or have the luxury of time to explore, Little India is a must-see in Singapore.

by 17 July 2017

Visit Sri Veerama Temple

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Found on the bustling Serangoon Road, this temple is a colorful and artistic wonder, named after a goddess and destroyer of evil. Visitors can enjoy both the extravagantly decorated outside and inside of this historic temple that is still used for Hindu worship today.

Shop in Mustafa Centre

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Shopaholics, rejoice: Mustafa Centre is a mall open 24 hours, featuring in-demand goods at a reduced price. The centre is known to be chaotic and disorderly, but also houses everything from fashion to jewellery to Apple products. Mustafa Centre is also a prime location to find Indian-inspired accessories, fabrics, and gifts for those not lucky enough to come along.

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Eat Authentic Indian Dishes

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Perhaps one of the best parts of Little India is the rich and flavourful food found all over the district. The traditional flatbread chapatis as well as banana-leaf wrapped curries and chickens are extremely popular to try. If you have a sweet tooth, try masala milk, which is as enjoyable to watch being made as it is to taste.

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Buy Foods and Spices

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If you desire a little piece of Little India, purchase some of their most-used spices and curries to take home with you. You can find markets selling all of the ingredients in your favorite Indian dishes throughout the area. Tekke Centre is a popular destination whose vendors also sell naan, clothing, and handmade jewelry.

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