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Amsterdam: Explore The City By Bike

There is no better way to see a city than to cycle it and Amsterdam is one of the most bike-friendly cities on the planet. It’s a great way to take in the canals, the old city and even out to the flower fields in the surrounding countryside.

by Miriam Barror 22 July 2017

There are an estimated one million bikes on the streets of the Dutch capital for a population of one and a half million. You’ll find extensive cycle infrastructure throughout the city and multiple places to rent bikes. We recommend MacBike, they have several locations throughout the city. It’s worth purchasing the I Amsterdam City Card ; not only will you get a discount at MacBike but you’ll also get in to many of Amsterdam’s major museums and attractions for free.

Photo Credits: Amsterdam City Tour Photo Credits: Amsterdam City Tour

If you’re looking to blend in a little more with the locals then you’re going to want to rent a bike that doesn’t stand out. Black Bikes Rental shops are dotted all over the city and have a great selection of city bikes that don’t scream ‘tourist.’ These are elegant, single gear, heavy city bikes, so plan your route and affect an air of nonchalance. who will know the difference?

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The best time of the day to see the sights on your bike is during work hours as most commuters are off the roads and traffic is lighter. Late morning or early afternoon is the best time to embark on your trip if you wish to steer clear of the rush hour traffic. Due to the sheer amount of cyclists in Amsterdam, bicycle congestion can be a problem so proceed with caution and watch out for the scooters that often zoom up cycle lanes.

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Most bike rental shops also offer guided tours or the option to design your own route. Weather will be your only potential obstacle but all tour operators offer excellent rain gear. For more inspiration on what to do, where to dine and how to shop in Amsterdam visit our destinations page. 

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