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City Guide: Amsterdam Oost Featured

Thanks to rising rents in Amsterdam’s centre, the creative element is shifting to the east of the city. As a result, the gentrification of a formerly down-at-heel and somewhat industrial area is very much under way. Go now before it becomes self-aware!

by Miriam Barror 12 August 2017

LUXOS is guiding you around Amsterdam's coolest up and coming area, the Oost district. 


We love Bar Wisse, somewhat undiscovered by tourists. This is the perfect place to enjoy breakfast in a typical East Amsterdam eatery. The space is industrial yet manages to be cosy and the coffee is delicious, ask for their soft blend. Locals refer to it as a living room, open all day, you can come in the morning and stay until after dinner cocktails!        

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Once your stomach is full, it’s time for a stroll and just ten minutes away you’llfind Oosterpark, a pretty park with interesting sculptures and national monuments, and plenty of places to sit by the water. Perfect for a bit of fresh air before you hit the shops.

Head up to Javastraat, one of Amsterdam Oost’s nicest shopping streets, where you’ll find the menswear outpost of DIV, a seriously hip edit of international streetwear brands and local designers. The womenswear branch is at Javastraat 100

You’ll need to cleanse your palette with some notable modern architecture and with a 20-minute walk towards the harbour you’ll find The Whale, which serves as an apartment complex. Its abstract whale-like form is designed to capture light on all levels. With an iconic zinc façade, its scale alone is impressive.

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Finish your day with dinner at Gallizia, fast becoming the locals’ favourite Italian, and praised for its authenticity. Their wine list is a particular highlight.

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