Canoe safari in Botswana Canoe safari in Botswana © Lawrence Murray - Flickr

Have you tried out these unique adventure holidays for 2016?

Calling all intrepid explorers... Throw caution to the wind and embark on an adventure holiday like never before

by 18 March 2016

Snoozing by the pool is all well and good for that much-needed ‘R&R’ retreat, but when your inner adrenaline junkie comes calling, it is time to get off the beaten track and hit the road for a new kind of thrill-filled voyage or venture at these destinations...

Canoe, camel or quad safari across Africa

For a truly out of the box African safari, yet without skimping on luxury, ditch the traditional jeep for a more closer to nature experience and take to the wild on either a quad bike, camel or canoe. Aqua adventurers should take to the Zambezi on a fly camping wilderness safari, while for serious thrill seekers, a quad bike safari through Botswana’s most baron and remote lands or the unexplored Tanzanian bush, should leave jaws well and truly dropped. If it’s a more spiritual and historical safari encounter you’re after, head out not on horseback, but camel hump, for an up close encounter with the beauty and wildlife of Northern Kenya.

For your unique safari, contact The Luxury Safari Company who specialise in off the beaten track, tailor-made luxury safaris across Africa and the Indian Ocean.

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Heli-surfing in New Zealand

Helicopter-in-New-Zealand-by-Jocelyn-Kinghorn-FLICKR© Jocelyn Kinghorn - Flickr

Surfers spend their lives in search of the perfect waves, so what could be more exhilarating than chartering a helicopter in search of the perfect surf spots? Heli-surfing, no not surfing in a helicopter, but a tailor-made surfing adventure spent scouring the seas for gnarly swells and isolated wave breaks from the heights of a helicopter, then being dropped into the most perfect and remote surf is a surfers paradise. And with its rugged coastline, deserted reefs and remote beaches where better to get your fix than the adventure hotbed of New Zealand’s South Island.

Get in touch with Awarua Guides who are based on New Zealand's remote Fiordland coast for your wilderness surf adventure. 

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Snowmobile safari in Alaska

Snowmobile-Alaska-by-Sonny-SideUp-FLICKR© Sonny SideUp - Flickr

Snowmobiling is on the agenda of many a winter wilderness experience, but for the ultimate snowbound adventure, why not set out on a weeklong snowmobile safari into the ethereal beauty of the Alaskan unknown. Speed daily across hundreds of kilometres of open snowfields and frozen rivers, before bedding down for a night at a luxe wilderness camp. If you want to up the thrill factor even more, why not add dogsledding, ice climbing, rafting or heli-skiing to the itinerary.

Or why not book  Black Tomato's unique snowmobiling and sledding experience, which will have you embarking on a 1000-mile husky race across Alaska.

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Canyoning in the Azores

Sao-Miguel-The-Azores-by-Abspires40-FLICKRSao Miguel, The Azores © Abspires40 - Flickr

The remote Portuguese archipelago of the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean boasts wildlife aplenty and not just the lush green and volcanic variety, attracting nature lovers, but its wild and rugged landscapes offer some of the best canyoning terrain in the world. This is the place to abseil down torrential waterfalls, jump into whirling pools and race down wild waterways. Head to the island of São Miguel for less steep inland adventures, Flores for everything from easy routes to steep drops and São Jorge for the most extreme, boat-accessible only routes.

Contact Azores Choice to find the right island and canyoning adventure for you.

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