NetJets - the best of both worlds

A pay-as-you-fly solution for private jet transport


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09 October 2012

NetJets Europe is a company with a fantastic fleet of business jets – recently expanded by the spectacular Bombardier Global 6000 – that offers an important advantage for people who frequently require private air transport. If you buy your own business aircraft, the costs you incur comprise the price of the aircraft, maintenance, personnel, security and downtime. With NetJets Europe, you only pay for the hours you fly. In effect, you are sharing the overheads with other owners.

This sort of transport is ideal for people for whom time is at a premium. You can drive to the aircraft, board, and be airborne in just ten minutes. Every flight is direct, with no queues or delays. You can work in peace, in total privacy. On board, you can enjoy your preferred food and drinks, music and films. You can take children and pets. You decide the schedule. Possible destinations include 900 airports in Europe, and 5,000 worldwide. Many of these cannot be reached by conventional airlines, and they include tropical islands and remote mountain villages.

But how does the system actually work? Once you've become part of the NetJets Europe world, the first step is a phone call to communicate your schedule requirements and destination. The company's staff organize the aircraft, book take-off and landing slots, schedule a crew, perform security and weather checks, and arrange chauffeured car transport to the airport. That's it, you're off, in the air, in an unmarked aircraft that, for the duration of the flight, is effectively for you alone. NetJets Europe can guarantee aircraft availability because they have 130 jets in Europe and access to another 800 worldwide. The aircraft range from the 7-seat Cessna Citation Bravo to the 14-seat Bombardier Global 6000, in which you can fly from London to Shanghai, from Moscow to New York.

And what about outlay? The NetJets Europe system is based on fractional ownership, so that you buy a share in an aircraft based on the number of hours you need per year. You have the advantage of access to the largest private jet fleet in the world. As a NetJets Europe Shareowner, you have guaranteed access to your chosen aircraft type or larger, anywhere in the world, at 10 hours' notice. Shares start from 50 hours flying per year.

Alternatively, you can purchase a Private Jet Card to become a Cardholder. This gives you 25 flying hours, with no further commitments.

Could this be a good solution for you? We recommend calling NetJets Europe to discuss your flight requirements. They are flexible, and are always ready to determine a programme that provides the sort of value and flexibility that suits you best. Just call +44 (0)207 3619 620 (or 0207 3619 620 if you are in the UK). Or take a look at their website. Bon voyage!