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Take your significant other on a romantic trip to one of the 5 most romantic places on Earth.

by LUXOS 30 July 2017

Looking for the perfect romantic travel getaway to forget reality and enjoy some quality time with the one you love? Picking that ideal place can be a bit of a conundrum with so many destinations to choose from. For many of us, vacation time comes just once a year and consequently we wind up spending more time with our coworkers than the people we’ve actually decided to spend our lives with. This is why it’s crucial to make the right choice on where to head lest we find ourselves stuck in some humid cottage country for two weeks getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and sweating so much from the heat that the notion of cuddling is by far the worst idea known to mankind (oh yes it happens). To help you avoid this unpleasant scenario We searched the globe for the most couple-friendly spots to enjoy your uninterrupted time together.


aurora borealis 2173702 1920

Once-in-a-lifetime views and a spectacular natural phenomenon will have both of you in a dream-like state on a trip to Iceland. The Aurora Borealis, popularly referred to as the Northerns Lights is an occurrence where electrically charged particles make the thin air of the winter’s sky literally shine in the atmosphere. Visit from September through April and your dream day together will seem never-ending seeing how crisp and clear the night air stays into the wee hours. There’s no need for a dinner by flame here either considering that no measly mood lighting can hold a candle to the magnificent glowing auroras especially at higher altitudes where the sky ignites in greenish and reddish hues. Enjoy a couples day of relaxing and rejuvenating with a trip to a geothermal spa. Iceland’s Blue Lagoon spa is one of the world’s most buzzed about medical spa boasting natural beaches and marinas. Unwind from a year of stress in a steam bath built from lava rocks, amble through the natural lagoon, share a passionate kiss under the waterfall and play around with the geothermal silica mud by spreading it over each other.

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venice 2225423 1920

It's hard to not run into someone stealing a smooch while strolling and shopping through the narrows streets and canals of Venice. Take a night time gondola ride and finish off the evening in a candle lit restaurant.

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architecture 1850676 1920
There's a reason why the French are renowned for their romantic culture. Start by grabbing a flaky croissant and coffee for breakfast, kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower, roam the cobblestone streets, spoil your significant other with a gift on the Champs-Elysees and share a creme brulee at a quaint patisserie.

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amalfi 667918 1920

This seaside Italian town is known for its spectacular pyramid shape, but its secluded beaches and sophisticated crowd make it a lover's sanctuary. Delicious food, friendly locals, beautiful beaches and a 1950s style ambience make Positano one of our picks.

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prague 2115474 1920

Full of history and beautiful beyond belief, take your sweetheart on a trip to Prague where a visit to the castle is in order as well as a typical plate of goulash. Even the subway system is beautiful in this town. If you have time to take in a classical music performance, the music halls here are really something to see. Don't miss the Strahov Library!

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