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Old meets new on Galata's trendy street Serdar-i Ekrem


Turkey Editor

05 September 2011

One of Istanbul’s oldest neighbourhoods, Galata’s mystique emanates from its many art nouveau, neo-baroque buildings and a combination of mosques, churches and synagogues. Once the financial centre of the Ottoman capital, it is also home to the Galata Tower which was built by the Genoese during the 14th century.

A recent surge of renovations to local residences and an influx of foreign creative types has attracted many fashion and jewellery designers, boutiques and art galleries to set up shop in Galata. The original humble residents of the old neighborhood go about their business in their small shops a few blocks away from the action on Serdar-i Ekrem Street where you will spot fashionistas flocking in search of the latest designer must-haves. We hit on Serdar-i Ekrem Street to scope out the best stops for a day of shopping.

Bahar Korcan’s artsy ground level boutique is a must-see destination here. Korcan is a popular Turkish designer who has shown her collections at both New York and Paris fashion weeks. She led the way for younger designers like Simay Bulbul and Bihter Aida Pekin to make a name for themselves here.

Bulbul makes unique leather ready-to-wear clothes and accessories while Pekin’s simple, yet refined jewellery is a hit among the trendy crowd. Another pioneer here is Building, an eclectic boutique, design store and café. Drop by to see avant-garde dresses and suits by young Turkish designers. A newcomer to the street this year is the multibrand boutique Atelier 55, which has a reputation for being the only place in town to find designs by acclaimed London-based Turkish designer Bora Aksu, Philip Treacy hats and fascinators, and the most sought after shoes from Charlotte Olympia and Vivienne Westwood.

Arzu Kaprol’s spacious gallery is one of the most eye-catching new stores on the street. Kaprol is a very talented and diligent designer known for her use of innovative fabrics and futuristic lines. If you can’t make it to Galata this time, stop by her fabulous couture boutique in KuruçeÅŸme near Les Ottomans Hotel.

If you haven’t satisfied your shopping itch, pick up some unique Istanbul-inspired souvenirs like pillows, perfumes, authentic tiles, all available at the street’s creative design office Lunapark, at Lunapark Shop. You also have to check out the Sensus Wine Store, tucked away at the basement of the Anemon Hotel in Galata Square. Here you will be amazed to discover the sheer amount of Turkish wines to bring home for your collection.


Bahar Korçan
Serdar-ı Ekrem Sok. No. 9, Galata, Istanbul
Tel. +90 212 2437 320

Serdar-ı Ekrem Sok. No. 27/A, Galata, Istanbul
Tel.+90 212 2430 717

Atelier 55
Serdar-ı Ekrem Sok. No. 55, Galata, Istanbul
Tel. +90 212 2453 255

Arzu Kaprol Gallery
Serdar-ı Ekrem Sok. Kamondo Apt. No. 22, Galata, Istanbul
Tel. +90 212 2527 571

Serdar-ı Ekrem Sok. No. 17/B, Galata, Istanbul
Tel.+90 212 2459 414

Sensus Wine Boutique
Büyükhendek Sok. No. 5, Kuledibi, Istanbul
Tel. +90 212 2455 657

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