Green Crystal Tourism LLC in Dubai, luxury holiday destinations Featured

Offering personalized itineraries and travel services from the Greater China region to the United Arab Emirates
by 28 April 2011

Green Crystal Tourism LLC is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Serving the Greater China region, it is a tour operator that has had a long history working with some of China's largest travel agencies. Green Crystal's innovative services include providing personalised itineraries for travellers who seek both comfort and style. Its friendly services and attention to details ensure a pleasant experience, satisfying every traveller's needs.

With many years of experience in the travel industry, Green Crystal has a firm grasp on the specific requirements and challenges which travellers from different backgrounds present. Understanding what they like and dislike, it is able to provide the best possible service. Green Crystal welcomes you to the United Arab Emirates, and wishes you a wonderful journey as you embark on a new adventure and discover this magical destination.

Green Crystal Tourism LLC, Tel. +971 5029 16848, +971 5073 99589

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