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Stop by Armaggan, the new must-see store in Nisantasi, and bring home authentic Turkish presents
by 05 October 2010

The swanky ARMAGGAN Nişantaşı store on Bostan Sokak could be seen as a beautiful compendium of Turkish culture. That is, if you are only in Istanbul for one day, a visit to ARMAGGAN will be more worth your while than attempting to take in the whole city in a day. You will enter into an almost museum-like atmosphere, in which you will glide through seven stories of luxurious forms, shaped by the hands of talented artisans and contemporary designers.

The ARMAGGAN Nişantaşı story started when a Turkish businessman wanted to take precious and truly local gifts abroad. A cheap souvenir simply would not do, so he recruited his wife to establish a brand that would cater to the high expectations of diplomats, businessmen and luxury-loving travelers to Istanbul.

Aptly named ARMAGGAN (a play on the word ‘armaÄŸan’ in Turkish, meaning gift), the company specializes in traditional crafts ranging from jewelry to textiles, and leather goods to precious olive oils and more. With its own sophisticated design team and production facilities that employ traditional production techniques, ARMAGGAN produces every product in their own atelier.

In ARMAGGAN’s elegant NiÅŸantaşı store, two floors are dedicated to silverware and marble objects created by experienced artisans with an emphasis on contemporary design. Themes from Turkish culture are subtle, not overdone. You will see wooden trays with enlarged Seljuk patterns made with mother-of-pearl, vases bearing intricate Ottoman carvings, but in minimalist colors and luxurious materials. As their motto ‘Unique by design’ suggests, every product you see in the ARMAGGAN NiÅŸantaşı store is unique and produced in limited quantities.

Only natural, vegetable leather is used in making ARMAGGAN NiÅŸantaşı’s leather goods. The marble comes from local sources in Turkey, and only the highest carat silver is used for coating and inlaying the silverware. The strength of ARMAGGAN’s designs comes from their refinement and simplicity. All the products are objets d’art that will stand the test of time to be passed onto future generations.

The diamonds and golden jewelry from ARMAGGAN Nişantaşı seem like treasures from an archaeological museum. Every piece is delicate, intricately detailed and possessing of a timeless elegance, highlighted by the use of a unique color of gold. Crafted by master jewelry makers exclusively for ARMAGGAN Nişantaşı, these collections offer a fresh perspective on traditional luxury.

Perhaps the most eye-catching of all ARMAGGAN Nişantaşı products are the textiles. The brand boasts a collection of 300 natural dye pigments and uses them to manufacture beautiful print fabrics. The naturally dyed products have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to prevent any of the potential harm associated with artificial materials. On the textiles floor, you can see all the natural pigments collected from sources around the country and classified as plant-based, flower-based and crustacean-based. After the silk threads are dyed and left to dry, they are woven into fabrics on antique jacquard looms dating back to the early 1800s. The fabric produced by these looms reflects the extreme value ARMAGGAN Nişantaşı places on authenticity and uniqueness.

The highlights of the textile range are the pure silk scarves and the magnificent kaftans, surely to leave you in awe. Both collections are true masterpieces, and will look as good on you as they would displayed on the wall.

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