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The event held in Milan on occasion of the Furniture Show


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16 April 2010

Jaeger LeCoultre, in cooperation with Kudos lifestyle magazine, organized an event on the evening of 14 April 2010 - corresponding to the start of the Milan Furniture Show - to celebrate "The Value of Time," a celebration of Jaeger LeCoultre timepieces and in particular the new Atmos 566 with design consultancy by Marc Newson. The event was held at Spazio Astoria, Viale Montenero 55, Milan.

Some of the Jaeger LeCoultre highlights were exhibited in cabinets on the two long sides of the hall. A watchmaking craftsman was present at a workbench installed in the room, and was available to answer the questions of the public. On the end wall, there was an art installation consisting of a projection of photographic images, by Vincenzo Castella, directed by Pasquale Leccese from Le Case d'Arte. These images were projected as a loop, illustrating the Amsterdam 2009 series of photographs, cityscapes from a high-level viewpoint that present the city in all its architectural complexity and featuring the rooftops above all, which are the pivotal element of any form of architecture as they express and guarantee protection, the primary function of any building.

The incredible diversity of this urban architecture recalls a philosophical consideration by Deleuze: true nomadism is that of a person who does not move at all. Castella has himself written the following considerations on his work on cities: " These words are linked to my work on cities. I think that photography is a symbolic conventionality: like a container placed over a portion of inner experience. Thanks to the nature of its language, photography manages to give back the simultaneous nature of events and spaces. Through it we become aware of not just the truth within some portions of reality, but also of our ability to read and see that reality. The struggle on words is sometimes necessary. Between the word look and the word vision, a strong difference is soon understood. I think that the look is an individual condition, linked to one’s feelings. Whereas, the vision is a collective ability; it is the achievement of a shared knowledge; even though forms of individual vision exist, of ritual nature, such as the one of the shaman doctor, whose task in society is precisely that of having visions.
That is why I wander if the look can see. In my opinion, it can’t. If anything it can hear, or believe that it can."

The photos shown here present moments from the evening cocktail.
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