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Launch at the marque's Pop Up store in Milan during the Furniture Show
by 16 April 2010

On Tuesday 13 April, Bottega Veneta celebrated the launch of its new furniture collection, while also inaugurating its Pop Up store, in Via Ercole Marelli 4/6, Milan. This store and the new collection can be seen at this address up until 18 April 2010, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The new products include items in the Bottega Veneta furniture range based on traditional rigid luggage items. This original range comprises a large dining table, a coffee table, and a versatile desk unit.

New seating products feature Bottega Veneta products manufactured in cooperation with Poltrona Frau: the two-seat settee Canapé Meta, the Meta ottoman, the Brisée Meta, a contemporary interpretation of the 18th century duchesse brisée, and the Meta dining chairs. There is a bed head in interwoven leather or linen fabric.

The breakfast set is based on tea and coffee services in bone china, part of the Bottega Veneta Intreccio Svanito collection manufactured in cooperation with German ceramics marque KPM. The collection has been expanded with various pieces, such as bowls, for greater practicality. The unique appeal of the Intreccio Svanito collection will soon be available in black/white and ebony/white colour variants.

There is a new collection of sterling silver cutlery, comprising knife, fork, spoon, fruit knife, dessert form, dessert spoon, teaspoon, salad service and tongs. The handles of these items are all decorated with a sophisticated engraving that presents the hand-painted interwoven motif that features in the Intreccio Svanito porcelain range. The salad utensils and tongs are made in ebony, with detailing in sterling silver. All the cutlery can be washed in the dishwasher.

New cashmere blankets have been introduced, with lovely hand-craftsmanship and interesting patterns. Two sizes are available for queen-size and king-size beds.

The Murano glassware collection now includes the new superlight antique white colour. New colours have been added to the entire Bottega Veneta palette. Linen, up until now available in the colours palladium and black, can now be ordered in coal colour. The brushed steel finish has been added to the traditional burnished surface.

Creative director Tomas Maier said, "We are very happy about developments of the Bottega Veneta home collection. It has grown considerably, and it enables us to offer a wider and highly practical range of products. Many of the new designs in the collection are based on client requests, and therefore they represent a consistent and natural development of our products. The approach underpinning the collection provides an example of Bottega Veneta's ambition to meet our client demands by means of versatile and discreet units with exceptional crafts quality."

Bottega Veneta furniture can be ordered in Bottega Veneta boutiques. The new items in the collection will be available from August 2010. The entire collection of leather furniture is available in six colours: black, ebony, uniform, parchment, and the new shade ash.

At the Pop Up store opened for the Salone del Mobile, Milan Furniture Show, Bottega Veneta presented an exhibition of contemporary Japanese crafts, featuring eight materials and 11 crafts persons: Koichi Uchida (ceramics), Shio Hamanaka (ceramics), Akito Akagi (enamels), Tadashi Ito (ceramics), Seiko Wakasugi (ceramics), Shingo Tsukuda (wood), Naoya Arakawa (glass), Takejiro Hasegawa (jewellery), Ayako Ueda (stone), Hajime Nakatomi (bamboo) and Isao Nakamura (paper).

During the Furniture Show event, Bottega Veneta also announced the results of the 2010 design competition organized with Tokyo University and presented the winning designs. These one-off pieces, created over the course of six months' work, represent the result of an important project in which students at Tokyo University work in cooperation with the crafts people at Bottega Veneta, in Vicenza.

The competition winners are Kentaro Fujimoto, Shima Suzuki and Ayami Takada, and their designs express both the individual character of Japanese design and the visual approach pioneered by Bottega Veneta. Kentaro Fujimoto, aged 27, named his design "Domestic Landscape of Intrecciato," and based his work both on the Bottega Veneta interweaving motif and on the kawara tiles used to cover roofs in traditional Japanese buildings. Shima Suzuki, also 27, created "Tube with Inner Luxury," a contemporary reflection on the Edo period in Japan, when men expressed their passion for luxury by means of superbly decorative linings. Ayami Takada, 24, created the "Origami Side Table," an attractive reference to the famous Japanese art of paper folding. The competition asked for the design of a piece of furniture that could be used by a seated person. Tomas Maier, Bottega Veneta's creative director, personally visited Tokyo to assess the projects. The winners, chosen in January 2010, were able to work with Bottega Veneta staff to create the prototypes, which were presented in April on the occasion of the 2010 Furniture Show.

Bottega Veneta, a company founded in 1966 in Vicenza, has created a new and exceptional standard in the world of luxury, based on Italian leather crafting tradition. Its slogan is "When your own initials are enough," expressing the discretion of the marque that gives clients the possibility to give free rein to their own individuality.

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