Lamp design and the Apaya Collection by Aqua Creation Featured

These natural light lamps form soft luminous totems.
by 25 March 2010

Restrained when compared with innumerable OTT lamps and contemporary lamp shades, these unique lamps feature organic forms that create a unique visual accent. Aqua Creation’s new Apaya Collection was designed by Ayala Serfaty, in cooperation with textile artist Irit Dulman. These sculptured wool lighting pieces are contemporary lamp shades that contain elemental iconographic features such as the essence of male and female, combined into single units. In the same way, they are at once opaque and transparent, solid and evanescent, traditional and technological.

Ayala Serfaty's fascination with organic motifs is immediately obvious, and in these pieces it is reinforced by the material used, wool felt. Serfaty first used these substances in 2000 in the designs “Litelight” and “Soof,” though in those pieces they were synthetic and industrial. In the Apaya Collection, the felt is hand-made from natural wool fibre. Therefore, manual processes using organic materials are used to generate almost living entities that seem to possess their own internal energy, growing by the duplication of levels and acquiring a fascinating structure based on a succession of levels. Each layer seems frayed at the edges, with a visual reference that suggests fungal growths, or perhaps jellyfish. Each layer becomes a modular unit suggesting the possibility of potentially infinite development. Every section of the piece is different, and this is a direct result of the material used, in compliance with the age-old sculptural and architectural dictum of "truth to materials."

When thinking of wool felt, in the realm of contemporary art one cannot help thinking of Joseph Beuys. In this case, however, the associations were closely connected to his personal life history, and felt became a symbol of insulation, protection and warmth. In the Apaya collection, this potentially heavy substance becomes a luminous and apparently light form of matter, and the verticality of the compositions reinforces this concept. Light organizes and unites the successive layers, giving these objects a sense of light and lightness in all their meanings.

The Apaya Collection by Ayala Serfaty will be presented at the trade fair LIght+Building in Frankfurt, Germany, on 10 April 2010.

25 March, 2010