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Chic, modern lines, but with constant links to local tradition.
by 19 October 2009

Design Zone
Alibaba Türbe Sokak 21-4, Nuruosmaniye
Tel. +90 0212 527 92 85

In the historical peninsula against the wind
Nuruosmaniye region in which the heart of jewelry tradition still beats, craftsmanship of gold, silver and valuable stones and the historical layers that reach back thousands of years ago still exists, now meets today’s ideas and innovations. Design Zone, founded by the jewelry designer Ozlem Tuna, is the first jewelry and design shop of the historical peninsula.

Tuna designs jewelry and objects in which traditional patterns that belong to the culture of Anatolia and modernity kisses each other. Tuna combines symbols of Turkish culture like the evil eye, tree of life, tulips and mosaics with contemporary and elegant designs. She both designs and produces chic modern objects like stylish coffee sets, bowls, plates, candle holders, metal Turkish bath bowls that can be used in daily life.

Each piece that contains materials like copper, silver, ceramics and wood are shaped in their related workshops and by their own craftsman. Ceramic tiles are the works of a master from Kutahya; copper works and other ceramic objects are also produced at different workshops. Ozlem Tuna emphasizes that she nourishes herself with the positive energy of being a part of team work.

Ä°stinye Park 489, Ä°stinye
Tel. +90 212 345 60 38

Design your culture!
Hiref, created by the siblings Ebru Cerezci and Guven Kilic is another design team that gets its inspiration from the rich and splendid culture of Anatolian lands. It was founded to develop a contemporary concept without getting away from the essentials of Anatolian handicrafts, and to introduce these arts, which are on the verge of disappearing, to the world. Hiref collections contain many hand-crafted stylish and sophisticated objects like drinking glasses, serving plates, trays, engraved mirrors, tableware, cruses and candle holders. Producing all the goods by hand is among the three main principals of Hiref; the other two are: whatever happens, always working with Turkish designers and producing the goods in Turkey. The brand that reinterprets the traditional handicrafts in the light of the contemporary design concept, works only with craftsmen from Anatolia. It also searches for these craftsmen and tries to find ways to get them back into business. Hiref uses meerschaum from EskiÅŸehir, wood from Kastamonu, clay from Avanos…

Ebru Cerezci, who is particularly proficient in Anatolian and Ottoman handicrafts, believes and always says that by redesigning this cultural structure in modern forms, the doors to the world will open, and these products can also be promoted successfully by using the same method. Today, Hiref manages to take the legendary values and production techniques of Anatolia that kept their mystical qualities for many hundreds of years, and get in the most luxurious shops, hotels, offices and houses thanks to their dazzling contemporary designs.

Åžair Nedim Bey Caddesi 11, Akaretler
Tel. +90 212 236 38 43

Ottoman Palace
Although Haremlique is a recently blossomed home textile brand it confidently walks on the way to become international. Caroline Koc and Banu Yener who are the white-collar workers behind the brand say that they have founded this brand in order to design boutique products for the most private parts of our homes: bathrooms and bedrooms. Their aim is to establish a modern Turkish brand. They say that, “In these two rooms, it is important to use things that radiate serenity,” and continue with the story of their brand’s name: “During the Ottoman times, Harem was a symbol of seclusion; moreover, it was the most special part of the palace. The products that were being used there were the finest ones of their genre. Furthermore, the most beautiful and graceful woman of the world was also there.

Therefore, we have chosen the name Haremlique as we believe that these exceptional places must be decorated with premium products. Besides, this word is being used internationally. Even though Harem is perceived as a place peculiar to women, it was actually a private place for the Sultan. Therefore, we thought that it will be interesting to use turban as the symbol of our brand”.

They have also included elegant accessories like ÇeÅŸmi Bülbül candles, Kız Kulesi soaps and Hasbahçe bed clothes in their collection. Highly important local and international politicians, artists, private jet and yacht owners, luxurious hotels and spas are among Haremlique’s elite customers.

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