Design MVW Workshop, brainchild of Ming Xu and Virginie Moriette Featured

The award-winning Shanghai design studio presents contemporary Chinese style.
by 07 October 2009

Ming Xu and Virginie Moriette started Design MVW Workshop with a desire to express in their own language the fusion of Chinese and French cultures. Arriving in Shanghai, they could not find contemporary furniture, with Chinese influence, which would match their high standards expectations. So, they simply started to design their furniture, and eventually created their own studio. Following their inspiration of “More is Less”, they draw furniture with pure, thin and elegant silhouettes.

Traditional Chinese shapes and patterns are given a contemporary twist. An example is a children’s bed hidden behind a Confucius door or a classic Chinese shelve transformed into the pur shape of a waterdrop. With a constant pursuit for perfection, the duo respects natural shapes and materials. Lacquers, non-tainted old woods, bamboo or stainless steel - they explore all combinations, always paying extreme attention to details. One of their chairs is so thin, yet comfortable, it is called “qipao”, the Chinese traditional dress for women. Another one is covered with real silk, making it a real treasure. Design MVW Workshop, nestled in an Art Deco house in the quiet French Concession, also displays home items such as bamboo and lacquered boxes.

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