Fauchon, luxury grocer with 450 boutiques worldwide Featured

A delicatessen which began business in Place de la Madeleine, Paris.
by 06 October 2009

An American couple, a group of Russian tourists, young Koreans, an English grandmother looking for a gift, two young French businessmen stopping in on their coffee break... This is the clientele whose paths we cross at Fauchon. Much more than a name, this French label represents a certain art of living, the pleasure of giving, irreproachable service and an unmistakable two-tone brand in pink and black.

From Grocery to Luxury
The idea was a good one: bring together all the finest products in the country, or even the world, bring out the best in them, offer attractive packaging and there you have it.

The first believer was Auguste Fauchon, in 1886, when he decided to set up shop in the centre of Paris, Place de la Madeleine. He wanted much more than a high-end grocery store, he wanted a spread of exceptional and then-unknown items. He added a tea salon and offered ready-made food which was unparalleled. Never short on ideas, at the end of the 19th century he inaugurated Fauchon’s great wine cellars, capable of holding up to 80,000 bottles. A true businessman, Mr Pilosoff took over the company in the 1950s, after Mr. Fauchon passed away, and took the concept further by allying Fauchon with Air France in order to procure products from all over the world. Some even say that it was through Fauchon that avocados came to France. The proof was in the pudding, and now we love meeting at Place Madeleine, to savour unusual tastes, original petit-fours, and exotic coffees.

A Global Success
At the end of the 1990s, Michel Ducros and Isabelle Capron, present owner and general director, respectively, established Fauchon definitively as a worldwide name. After having created a new visual identity, with the help of designer Christian Biecher, they developed their concept of fine grocery, with strong and attractive marketing and brought luxury to grocery. Today, the label is exported to 41 countries, boasts 450 boutiques, and in 2008 saw its profit reach 36 million euros. The company has invested in various areas of alimentation with great success, as creator and editor, baker, caterer and sommelier, and with wines and delicacies created exclusively for the brand. Fauchon designed a veritable living space at the heart of its boutiques, with ready-to-eat services, caviar bars, restaurants and theme products, all the while continuing its rise. This pink and black label has thus became the emblem of fine, luxurious and very profitable grocery, an attractive and confirmed success.

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