Tailoring luxury at Nuñez de Balboa in Madrid Featured

Discover Spain's best kept secret: John Lobb shoes and Italian tailoring all under one roof.
by 01 July 2009

The term ‘made -to -measure ’ has become very loosely used in the fashion world. Many firms use it to describe their clothes, but the reality is that very few of them can testify that they actually offer this high level of personalized service from beginning to end. Those who demand luxury and expect quality have only one address in their BlackBerry: Nuñez de Balboa (16, bajo izquierda, Tel. +34 91 426 1433).

This boutique, discreetly tucked away inside a first floor flat, is a real ‘pit stop’ for luxury. Their tailoring service works with the most exclusive fabrics in the market including Gorina, Loro Piana and a limited edition from Scabal with gold dust.

Their most sought after made-to-measure service is called The Tear. It gets its name from their trademark tear-shaped buttonholes. Clients have a whole team of experts at their disposal including a master tailor, his assistant and five more specialized seamstresses.

One of the most impressive rooms in the shop is their ‘chill out’ lounge where clients can sit back and relax between fittings. But for those who like to keep shopping, they can turn to their shoe department where you will find the brand preferred by shoe-lovers everywhere: John Lobb. They have 35 different ready-to-wear models on display, but for those who know their shoes, there is only one option: made-to-measure. These shoes are handcrafted in the firm’s Northhampton factory, and in order to have them made, a shoe expert flies to Madrid three times per trimester in order to measure new clients’ feet and produce special molds which are then used to produce the shoes. This process is similar to the haute couture rituals of Paris fashion houses. In a world where personalized and handcrafted goods are more and more scarce, it is a real luxury to be able to find it.

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