Discover Istanbul on a Yacht Featured

Hop aboard for an unforgettable cruising experience where two continents meet.
by 08 June 2009

Sailing through the cool waters of the Bosphorus is a unique journey. While you’re moving right over the natural border between Europe and Asia, you’re also going back in history to Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman times that helped shaped Istanbul into what it is today. Magnificent castles, palaces and mosques that give the city its mystical air await the yachters who pick a shiny summer day to embark on this enigmatic excursion.

The best way to enjoy the city from inside the Bosphorus is to rent a luxury yacht with an experienced crew who will pick the best route to show you the unparalleled beauty of Istanbul. Enjoy your favorite Turkish delicacies for breakfast as seagulls lead the way for the yacht. Crossing under the two picturesque bridges that connect the European and Asian sides of the city, grab your camera and take pictures of the wooden mansions aligned at the water’s edge much like pearls on a string.

As you move south towards the old city, you will see Topkapi Palace, the royal dwellings of sultans from the 15th century, standing atop Seraglio Point in all its glory, overlooking the Golden Horn on the one side and the Bosphorus on the other. To the southeast, past the historical peninsula, come the nine Prince Islands, named after the Byzantine princes who summered there. Buyukada, the biggest of these islands, is one of the few places that can truly transport you to another time period with its beautiful mansions, horse carriages, virgin beaches and authentic fish restaurants.

From the elegant royal palaces of Dolmabahce and Ciragan and the five centuries old Rumeli Fortress to the posh restaurants you can dock, the coast of the strait and beyond is an aesthetic mystery to the wandering eye.

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