Polo with a difference


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04 July 2012

For those people who become passionate about a sport, there are no limits to the commitment that they are prepared to dedicate to it. Polo is a classic example, as it requires a massive amount of logistical organization. The classic game is of course played using horses, and the type of mount determines how it's played, and how fast the game is! Polo on elephants, on the other hand, requires a whole different strategic approach, as you can see from the complete photo below (image courtesy of Tom Clayton). The possibility of playing polio on elephants is offered by Bespoke Impact, a UK-based agency that can arrange matches in India, Australia, Venezuela, Argentina, Miami, Dubai and China, on animals that include Criollo ponies, elephants, camels and Mongolian yaks. If you like playing polo on horses, you could try it on snow in St. Moritz. The agency will arrange the necessary preliminary training, and the transport to the playing location.

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