Le Méridien Abu Dhabi - switching off the lights on 31 March

Switching off a light doesn't sound like much. But what if everybody did it? For just an hour, all over the world? The world would go a little darker, but a bright message about climate change would be sent.

This is Earth Hour. It started in Sydney, Australia, in 2007. In 2008 it spread to Toronto. The year after, 35 countries were involved. Last year, hundreds of millions of people in 135 countries switched off for an hour. Of course, that's not just it: the message is one of lasting commitment to making life on planet earth more sustainable.

For public services such as hotels, taking part is more difficult. But Le Méridien Abu Dhabi will do it. They've announced that they'll switch off, along with other Starwood hotels and resorts, on 31 March at 8.30 p.m. local time. They'll be turning off exterior signs, dimming some interior lighting, using candles in some public areas, and offering a "Green Frog" cocktail for that hour, 8.30-9.30 p.m. This is Starwood's fourth participation in Earth Hour. Please, if you read this, find out, and join in! Follow this link to read more about Earth Hour.

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