Pomellato's Love at First Sight, a new premier design jewelry collection


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21 October 2010

Pomellato’s new luxury gold jewelry collection, Colpo di Fulmine, is unexpected in many ways. Not only is Pomellato using white gold with coloured stones for the very first time, the sleek and contemporary design is also a surprise. Using asymmetrically-cut gems, the jewellery pieces from Colpo di Fulmine are sophisticated yet carefree. Garnet, fire opal, blue topaz, peridot and amethyst are the five beautiful gems that you can wear alone or mix and match as you wish. The collection of pendants, earrings and rings aims to appeal to those who are not necessarily ready to invest in a significant jewellery piece, but appreciate the beauty of semi-precious stones. For jewellery enthusiasts who are already familiar with Pomellato – its iconic Victoria necklace, exotic Arabesque ring and smouldering Tango chain – then Colpo di Fulmine will make you fall in love again with its creative cut of gemstones, all beautifully set on a sleek white gold band with pavé diamond setting.

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