A New Home for Hermès. Hermès Shanghai

A New Home for Hermès.

After the opening of their Maison's in Paris, New York, Ginza and Seoul, it is finally time for Shanghai's local Hermès darlings to get their very own 'Maison.'



12 September 2014

On Friday night, at 217 Middle Huaihai Road, in the famous Huangpu district in the centre of Shanghai, Hermès' latest lines and products were inaugurated, giving clients from China and from all over the world the possibility to indulge in the sophisticated and elegant universe of the brand.

Like the four other Maisons at 24 Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris, 690-691 Madison Avenue in New York, Ginza in Tokyo and Dosan Park in Seoul; the Shanghai branch is managed by CEO, Axel Dumas and marks another landmark in the Hermès family's extraordinary history.

      Hermes Maison in Shanghai 1F 2

The house was designed by the Paris-based architectural agency RDAI, and headed by Denis Montel, architect of all Hermès stores around the world. The sale area is spread over three floors and the fourth, top floor is dedicated solely to Hermès events, the first of which will be the exhibition "Hermès Horse" curated by the Philippe Dumas.

Created in 1837, Hermès represents tradition and innovation on the high-luxury market. Today, the family has no less than sixteen "métiers d'Arts" in the family, meaning their distinctive products, from silk scarves and bags to timepieces, jewels or leather goods are as popular as ever and will be of course available on Huaihai Road. Since Hermès' first boutique opening in Beijng in 1997, more than twenty Asian stores have been opened and the brand collects an evermore faithful following of Chinese and Asian clients as the years go by.

    The Hermas Horse 2

The past and present, knowledge and tradition have always been intertwined with Hermès' creativity and innovation. Inside and out, the "sixteen métiers" Shanghai universe will be one of today's most beautiful luxury stores in the world.