Knightsbridge Shopping Featured

From boutique and department stores to spas and dining
by 01 June 2012

Vying only with Bond Street as Britain’s premier luxury shopping destination, Knightsbridge has it all. Here, the perfectly curated, multi-faceted boutiques are retail works of art and a pleasure to explore. With Gucci, Missoni, Roberto Cavalli and Fendi all opening and reopening over the last couple of years, it’s a Mecca for luxury fashionistas, the seemingly endless London flagships of Dior, Prada, Versace, Valentino, Jimmy Choo and Billionaire Couture lining the vast, regal boulevard.

Harrods has ushered in London 2012 with not just exclusives from brands such as Dior, Cartier and Burberry but a new Room of Luxury, Beauty Apothecary, Women’s Shoe Salon and Fine Watch Room. When it’s time to set the shopping bags down, Ladurée is a perennial favourite and the all-new Demoiselle by the Galvin brothers and Bentley’s Sea Grill by Richard Corrigan beckon.

It’s nearing the end of the day, so I finish off my expedition with a walk down Beauchamp (pronounced Beecham) Place. Here, an array of independent designers and gallerists – from Indian fine jewellers Amrapali to celebrity couturier Bruce Oldfield – have their boutiques, and two of the locale’s most glamorous restaurants, Nozomi and San Lorenzo, entice. I reflect on what a sybaritic day it’s been – before realizing that it isn’t over yet...

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