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08 May 2012

The famous London department store Selfridges is celebrating its own heritage, with a series of products hallmarked by its signature colour, Pantone 109. To you and me, bright yellow. The effect of all these products in the same sunny hue is one of optimism and joy, ideal for a year such as this, when the UK is celebrating the Olympics and the Jubilee. All with a bit of tongue-in-cheek irony, such as the Hanky Panky lace thong, nail polish and biscuits.

The Big Yellow Shop is running alongside the other Selfridges campaign, the Big British Shop, celebrating the best of Britain, with brands such as Mulberry, Barbour and Stella McCartney. No shortage of humour here as well, with a very small notebook titled 'Brits I met and liked,' posing corgi statuettes, a jelly mould in the shape of the Jubilee queen, and a replica Cartier Halo tiara as worn by Kate Middleton. Lovely when people don't take themselves too seriously!

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