Juan José: An Exclusive Experience in Madrid Featured

An interview with the face of Spanish luxury tours.

by LUXOS Editorial 11 March 2019

LUXOS sits down with Juan José Muñozcano Díaz Infante, the director of Madrid Experience. Madrid Experience is a small company that designs private luxury tours for its clients. It offers the best, private experiences in Spain that boasts exclusivity and rarity. The attentive team not only oversees the organisation of these experience, but offers customised tours focused on details and quality. The experiences range from wine and gastro-tourism to art and luxury cars.

Good morning Juan José. Let’s start with an almost obvious question to get to know Madrid Experience better. When did the idea arise to found an agency that accompanies clients to see, feel, try and taste the most luxurious side of spain- as stated on your website?

The idea arose during a trip to India, when I myself hired an agency to organise some luxury experiences which allowed us to feel the essence of different cities. When returning to spain we created a travel agency with the idea of combining the best that spain has to offer within reach to those who appreciate quality, excellence, and detail. We have had many types of clients: millionaires from Asian financial institutions, Hollywood stars, members of governments, VIPs from major corporations, spanish business groups and tourist, all thirsty for new experiences.

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What makes you different from other companies?

The fact that we are a small agency: we are not interested in large volume, but in creating high quality moments of magic and happiness. All our services are customised and made to measure.

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Why luxury?

Because we are fascinated with beauty and all things rare and unknown. We believe that there is a lot of ancient knowledge that has gone lost in so much modern information, social networks, etc... We are in love with Spain and we want to help to promote it as a luxury destination, rich in experiences, flavours, legacy, history and passion.

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And to get all this, how many people form the team of Madrid Experience?

We are a boutique agency and we work with many professionals such as Michelin-starred chefs, sommeliers, art historians, very select official tour guides, photographers, and personal shoppers We create synergies with luxury brands to offer unforgettable experiences.

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Any examples?

We have many interesting services, but we could quote: “Indispensable Madrid” to experience what no one should miss when visiting Madrid. We add our touch by opening doors to places to which the average tourist does not have access. Our wine excursions which include visiting very special centuries-old family-run wine cellars, far from the more commercial brands. We also offer services in Barcelona and throughout Spain and, sometimes, in Portugal. Almost all our tours include car and private chauffeur (or minibuses or buses).

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How do you think luxury tourism has changed over the past years and for what reasons?

I believe that luxury tourism has changed a lot in the last few years, and although the way to experience luxury depends on each country, it continues to be a demanding industry. Quality, punctuality, and excellence are indispensable values. Luxury tourism right now focuses on creating a specific atmosphere, transporting the client to new worlds and unexplored scenarios, feeling emotions and having access to restricted places. We seek experiences that transform us so that we can keep something within us after their completion.

A special mention goes to you involvement with the Fundación Pasqual Margall.

We support their research of Alzheimer’s and families dealing with this tragic disease. It’s a small foundation in Barcelona and they are doing great work.


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