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LUXOS sat down with Vacation With An Artist’s founder, Geetika Aggarwal, to find out about the amazing and one of a kind experiences she is giving us the chance to be part of.

by 30 August 2017

Vacation With An Artist is an online platform that allows you to book one of a kind experiences all over the world. Ever fancied pottery in majorca, photography in India, textiles in Korea? VAWAA has it all. LUXOS spoke to Geetika Aggarwal to find out how this one of a kind concept has come together to form a thriving business, create lasting community and lifelong memories.

So Geetika, what inspired you to start VAWAA?

Many years ago I was in architecture school. I spent my summers working with craftsman in India and the experience stayed with me. In all my future travels I would seek experiences where I could, learn something and do something creative. It’s near impossible to find experiences where you can live someone else’s lifestyle and even harder to find the time to catch them. So two years ago I decided to start the VAWAA.


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What might a typical VAWAA experience involve?

The common base with all the experiences we offer is that you are going to walk away learning a new art form and perfecting the techniques. They are all very intimate experiences. We had a guest from New York go to Argentina to work with Alfredo, one of our artists, to commission a piano for a famous musician. The guest got to work on it and go to his opening. Another guest from Brazil went to Slovenia, they struck up a fantastic rapport and when they had finished for the day they ended up going to a concert in Slovenia. The beauty of VAWAA, is the surprise of the unknown. You know you’re going to experience something magical, but what it may be exactly? You have to wait to find out.

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How does VAWAA work?

It works much like a mini apprenticeship. Guests spend four to seven days with an artist inside their studio. The majority of the experiences are one on one, but there is sometimes the possibility for two people to be part of the same journey. Our guests choose a vocation, and come with a whole range of abilities, it is all about trying something you would never usually think of. It’s a life changing adventure. Working directly with the artist, you can focus on certain techniques and surprise yourself with the outcome!

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What has been your guest story so far?

It’s so hard to pick just one. One lady absolutely loved music but don't know how to make it and never thought she could. During her time with Francisco, in Uruguay, she made a soundtrack. This unlocked a little piece of her brain and she decided that before she dies she wants to be part of a band! What a revelation! So often we travel and take pictures, but there is something satisfying about engaging in something interactive where you make your own souvenirs, it’s one of a kind.

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What makes VAWAA special?

There are other artists that offer workshops but there is no other platform to find these opportunities. There are well established online companies that are starting to introduce experiences but are so focused on learning the whole trip is not so tactile and first hand. They are more about entertaining a group and only scratch the surface.

Whereas, VAWAA artists are personally curated by us and we have a personal relationship with every single one. We are constantly in communication, asking for feedback to make sure we are consistently improving and tweaking the services we offer. We want to change people’s lives through opening their eyes to a new, unspoiled and back to basics way.

VAWAA currently operated worldwide and expansion into other countries is always on their mission list. If you would like to find out more about some of the awe inspiring experiences that VAWAA have to offer, you can visit their website here.

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All images courtesy of VAWAA.