Didier Guillon: The Art Of Leadership Featured

LUXOS sits down with Valmont’s President, Didier Guillon, to discuss his passion for art, preservation and exploration.

by 07 August 2017


Didier Guillon is much more than a leader. The man at the helm of Valmont Group, Swiss cellular cosmetic expert since 1985, he is never without his wife, his family and his love for art.

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Art acts as one of the core pillars of the Valmont Group and one that is wholly endorsed by Guillon, who acts as Artistic Director. Describing the Fondation Valmont, the groups artistic faction, as ‘creating borders across business’, he makes it very clear that art is not a strategy to boost business or influence the market, they are run on parallel paths.

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Much in the way that Valmont’s renowned skin products are able to visibly reduce the signs of ageing, their special exhibitions take pride in contributing to preserving art and all it’s beauty. Take, for example, the  2017 Venice Biennale, Fondation Valmont is currently exhibiting “Beauty and the Beast”.  A contemporary art exhibition about the encounter between man and nature, it can be found in the historic 16th century palace, Palazzo Tiepolo Passi on the Canal Grande. Didier Guillon will also be curating the 2019 offering for the Venice Biennale. “Venice receives 12 million visitors every year and the city needs to be preserved against the mass tourism. We are looking forward to exhibiting our take on Hansel and Gretel and the 2019 Biennale. It will be interesting to show the Juxtaposition between the contemporary work in modern cubes against the dramatic and historic backdrop of Venice.”

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Whilst working on the artistic direction of the Valmont Group and of Fondation Valmont, Mr. Guillon is never too far from his wife, Sophie. Working with your spouse could prove difficult to some, but Didier expresses how well they make it work so well “ We work in two separate worlds. I am the art, she is the science.”  Sophie oversees both the research & development of Valmont cosmetic products and stands as the guardian of quality and efficiency of the precious Valmont skincare ranges.


Forever travelling, the couple make sure that their three children (Capucine, Maxence and Valentine) are never left alone. “When Sophie travels, I stay with the children and vice versa. We never wanted to both be away travelling at the same. We wanted to make sure that the children would never suffer as a result of our business.”

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With his son about to attend Leeds university and a daughter eager to be involved in the family business, Didier can’t help but suggest that he would love for them to take over one day. “But they have to work hard, work for global companies, earn the privilege. The legacy of Valmont is dependant on this”.

In the meantime, however, the family will be enjoying the summer in Greece. Though Didier loves the beach, especially in Dubai, he is adamant that there is nothing like the fresh mountain air. “I like to escape to the mountains; walking, hiking along the trails...it’s glorious.”


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The "Beauty and the Best" exhibition will be on show at the Palazzo Tiepolo Passi until November 26th. For more info, visit Fondation Valmont

If you would like to discover more about the Fondation Valmont and La Maison Valmont, the group’s new luxury flagships stores in Berlin, Tokyo and Vancouver, you can visit their site.


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