Nick Fouquet: Milliner to the Stars Photography by Matthew Rennie

Nick Fouquet: Milliner to the Stars Featured

LUXOS lifts the lid on the life of LA based hatter Nick Fouquet.

by 24 July 2017

Born in New York and bred in France, Nick Fouquet artfully conveys his colourful back story through unique headwear creations. With a laid back presence and a humble posture, the French beau effortlessly evokes an air of cool; sporting boho Cali hair combined with ‘euro elegance’. Mostly seen in a hat of course, Nick has a style that mixes comfort with fun; a combination of Alice in Wonderland meets Keith Richards.

‘I love wearing sunglasses, Dior Havanas have been my go to recently, but right now I can’t find them, which is bothering me...otherwise I love soft tees with Levi’s.’


Along with his effortless exterior, staying grounded comes naturally to Nick despite his success; ‘it was an accident, whilst recovering from a surfing injury, I began learning about garment and accessory design.’ Following his mentoring, Nick set up a workshop in a craftsman bungalow in California’s boho quarter of Venice in 2014, and was able to express himself through his creative cosmos. Today, Mr Fouquet has an extensive portfolio of celebrity clients seen wearing the renowned match stick accompanied fedora - from Pharrell Williams to Madonna. The man himself even describes the journey as a surprise; ‘it began as pure passion and it still is.’

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But, his designs don’t stop at their atypical exterior; made from 100% beaver fur, with an unusual fiery process Nick has been able to create a cult of remarkable hand made headwear, now sold all over the world in high end boutiques. ‘When I began, the plan was to make the best hats possible. I knew that musicians gravitated towards hats but I had no idea of the magnitude and number of high profile celebrities, actors and musicians that would be wearing Nick Fouquet hats.’

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Although his success story may sound like a walk in the park, beyond his blue eyes it’s not all rose tinted glasses; like any fruitful business, you’re met with hurdles. ‘I face challenges everyday, how you get past them defines your personal strength,’ whilst admitting that these obstacles are often a result of his own doing, he doesn’t allow them to hinder his growth.

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When the hat maker is not out surfing or hiking in the California hills, he’s following in his father, Bernard Fouquet’s modelling footsteps. ‘I recently shot a campaign for The Kooples with Emily Ratajkowski. Luckily it runs parallel to my business so it’s never a big inconvenience and it helps with marketing purposes.’
It’s not a profession Nick proactively pursues, but when you have the looks and you’re met with a good opportunity, who wouldn’t take it?


With a lot of projects currently going on, Nick was excited to tell us he recently met with the head of PSG soccer team's marketing department in Paris about creating a small capsule collection for them, given his French heritage this is a sentimental project in his career.
Now onto a second collaboration with Borsalino, Nick was honoured to have the chance to put his take on such an iconic hat brand. ‘I chose a film noir concept for my second collection. It has a contemporary meets gangster feel, darker colours, with a lot of details. It was a fun process and I think it’s a very solid collection.’

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