Frank Gallucci: Proud To Be Italian Featured

LUXOS talks with the man behind the sunglasses about his life as an influencer. 

by 17 July 2017

No militant wing of the style and fashion army has boomed more than that of the influencer over the years. With the help of social media and a well put together wardrobe, millenials have created a new wave. However, today being influential in the digital space goes far beyond just the square images we see on our iPhone screen. Italian influencer Frank Gallucci, describes his work as ‘a way of life.’ For those who are familiar, Mr Gallucci; while honouring his Italian culture, prides himself on reflecting a lifestyle of the anachronistic gentleman with a twenty first century twist.

Frank 1 

On a hot Milanese afternoon, caffé freddo in hand, Frank sits with a relaxed posture; his shirt loosely unbottoned, sleeves casually rolled up, evoking an air of sprezzatura. ‘I begin my day early, and I’m usually in the gym by 7:30am.’ Frank perceives fitness as an important aspect of his life and being an ambassador for Virgin Active motivates him to keep on track.

Expressing that routine is important to his day to day life; the simple pleasures allow him to maintain normality between busy schedules of travelling and meetings, such as enjoying music from his Isola apartment or reading Il Corriere della Sera over breakfast.

Frank 2

‘I’m always connected via social media. I like to share my professional life on my Instagram feed, and with the story option I give people an insight into my private life from the music I listen to, to socialising with friends.’
Frank began his journey back in 2014 and maintained his blog while working for Suit Supply in Milan...‘last year, I then decided to dedicate my time fully into personal branding and my life changed completely’. With no two days the same, Frank will be spending the coming weeks between Ibiza, London and Barcelona working on exciting projects with high profile brands; before settling back in Southern Italy at his family home for summer.

With a portfolio of reputable brands under his belt, Frank has worked exclusively with the likes of Maserati and Missoni. Which leads us onto curiosity from his followers; upon being asked what the future holds as an influencer, Frank responds with, ‘I like the idea of being a style icon, but a reputation takes time over the years. I would like to be specialist in what I’m passionate about and what I do and that is menswear. I often get asked by travel companies to collaborate, I don’t want to be a travel blogger.’
With that in mind, Frank intends on working with an established brand to create a capsule collection; ‘I’m not a designer but my aim is to show menswear as black and white as I see it, through my personal style.’

Frank 3

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